128 city Gaopeng open station mostly unlicensed

opened the famous group purchase site Gaopeng station in the 128 National City, but most employees broke substation is not registered in the local business sector, which belongs to the "illegal business". Yesterday, the reporter found verification parties, group purchase industry due to the rapid rate of expansion, the existence of legal gaps, widespread "races not registered" phenomenon.

Gaopeng JiNan Railway Station staff Miss Guo was laid in the probation period for no reason, to Lixia District of Ji’nan City Labor and Social Security Bureau to apply for labor arbitration. The Bureau of labor insurance official told Miss Guo, Gaopeng JiNan Railway Station where she did not register in the local business sector, not labor arbitration. "The Bureau of labor insurance of the staff told me that Gaopeng is not registered in Ji’nan City, illegal operations, can be removed at any time." Miss Guo said.

reporter by the Ji’nan municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Lixia District branch tips, to "Shandong enterprise basic information query platform", did not find any relevant registration information gaopeng. Gaopeng Shandong related sources, not only is the city of Ji’nan, Gaopeng are not registered in the business sector in many stations across the country, which is currently only in Beijing, Shanghai and other big city registered sub station. According to its official website, Gaopeng has a total of 128 races.

fact, group purchase website "stations are not registered" phenomenon is not a gaopeng. A well-known group purchase website executives said, this is almost the group purchase industry "hornet’s nest", most group purchase website there are such problems. Get on the bus, buy a ticket after the industry is a common phenomenon, and the industry is the main reason for the rapid expansion." Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that around the stations are not registered is mainly due to the impact of the industry environment. Buy site in the early days of staking positive expansion, go through the process and then carry out the business may allow competitors to occupy the market first step. But in fact, the registration process is not cumbersome branch, will not bring too much impact on the cost.

is not registered in the local group purchase station hidden so much more. Not registered in the business sector, will not only damage the interests of employees such as Miss Guo, may also bring hidden dangers to consumers." Yesterday, a large group purchase website is responsible for a staff promotion station told reporters, suddenly shut down or offline, group purchase "boss absconded" cases occurred frequently have the group purchase business, reasons.

due to the threshold is very low, a large number of buy site only a template, a few employees. This year, the number of national buy site once reached 6000. The staff said: "now the popular group purchase website, the general headquarters have been registered, if every sub station are procedures for the registration, will lose the initiative position in the local market."

station group purchase whether must register in our country are not clear legal. Haidian District industry and Commerce Bureau official said, relying on the third party platform on the web, the shop is not registered. But the station is located in the group purchase website is relatively independent of the for-profit website, should branch registration >

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