Taobao for shuangshier from the shopping platform to life platform

[Abstract]PC side electricity supplier began to enter a relatively stable growth period, and the electricity supplier is based on the service industry that O2O is rising.

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on December 4th

in the Tmall Spring Festival once a year electricity supplier double eleven big promotion, recently, many individual sellers to Ali, Taobao "shuangshier" preparing for the prelude.

the morning of December 3rd, mobile phone Taobao strategic meetings in Hangzhou, officially launched this year Taobao "shuangshier" promotional war.

all the time, and "double eleven", "shuangshier" is mainly for Ali private individual sellers organized shopping promotion section, is more in order to repay private retail sellers, is a supplement to the "double eleven" big businesses for sale.

This year Taobao

"shuangshier" is the theme of "master consumption, the master of life", the main experience of goods and services, to create a one-stop solution for O2O by the way of life.

"double eleven is to grab the goods, twelve is found a new way of life, for consumers to experience the lifestyle change opportunity." According to Taobao marketing director Xia Ji introduced this year, "shuangshier", Taobao will send the value of 2 billion yuan of "shuangshier" coupons, launched 10 million products, including individual farm products, factory workers, designer special tailored, laundry, home to help users to raise public car valuation, and auction.

addition, photo realistic picture by Taobao mobile phone (such as clothing) and scanning can be searched with the function of online products also officially launched in this year’s "shuangshier" period.

Taobao CEO Zhang Jianfeng (nickname: epilepsy) said that this year Taobao mobile phone "shuangshier" is still the priority among priorities. He said that at present, the mobile phone Taobao daily active users has exceeded 80 million. This year’s’ double eleven ‘to reach the number of mobile phone Taobao reached 119 million people, and now, the proportion of Taobao wireless terminal and PC landing is 1:1. wireless from the original supplement into mainstream. In the mobile phone Taobao, consumers can find the required goods, but also can enjoy more than 10 thousand kinds of life services."


, Taobao to "shuangshier" investment is still great. But few users have said Tencent technology visited, just experienced "double eleven" and "black Friday", their credit card amount is not much, but a lot of goods has not arrived yet, at the same time, along with a return of a small climax. These users will weaken the enthusiasm for this year "shuangshier" to a certain extent.

however, this "shuangshier", Taobao focused service life, little demand for express logistics. This is good for Taobao and users.

from the perspective of the entire electricity supplier industry, as an electricity supplier industry insiders said, behind the Taobao main push "shuangshier" one-stop service life, revealed a signal through the O2O platform Ali strong involvement of the line service, and.

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