The plan for the implementation of personal network brand

Internet era of marketing, more emphasis on individual brand trust grafting, so we want to better achieve network marketing, it is necessary to build their own network brand. To create a personal network brand, the first thing is to have a stomach, in other words, you can take things out, there are other people to take the initiative or even the first to pay. Of course, the 37 network in this paper that build a personal network brand, not for the popular entertainment celebrity brand, have a certain reputation but not the line of traditional enterprises to develop Internet marketing overall, but starting from the individual, focus on a particular field of an industry, to create their own Internet famous brand image.

was saying, as long as you have other people in need of "goods", as long as you have a personal brand (audience or trust), as long as you dare to sell, others dare to buy; then build a personal brand network need to implement


1, make yourself an expert in the field.

first of all, of course, need to make a good positioning themselves, which areas of the main attack. If you want to build your own network brand, first you have to let others recognize your capital, the capital comes from your focus areas. From the point of view of the brand, then ask yourself to have the strength of the brand, that is to become an expert or expert. Here, the field can be a segment of the industry has been a field, you can create a new field of their own. If the segments need to understand the predecessors in this field and master, continuous learning and improve their own; if the field, need to establish a set of system, Zichengyijia, of course this hard, need a large number of pre laying work, and once done, you are the one.

2, the positioning of their own areas of user groups.

it may be said that the positioning of the market, in fact, the views of the 37 network is not positioning the market, but the positioning of a group of people with the characteristics of the crowd. Because in the Internet era, you locate the crowd is very fragmented, not in a market. The first point requires us to build ourselves into an expert / expert in a particular field, but this is a relative concept. The premise is to locate their own field of user groups, what are the characteristics, what level, your expert image must be able to meet the needs of this group, and not necessarily the industry’s top experts.

3, appropriate packaging themselves, to create a professional image.

in the promotion of their own personal brand, there is another step is to properly pack their own. Not to say that you don’t bluff fiction title, but is not too casual, grass root, can not open one’s mouth and make people feel very sense of Low, we need to design a series of actions be unified in logo (don’t copy, a platform and a platform of image completely different professional (to). Have professional depth, but not all terms deliberately let people do not understand), in order to establish a personal brand image. This can be more conducive to brand communication. However, the 37 network site diagnosis that should pay attention to is that even the packaging of their own professional

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