Cool habitat 70% of sales are from the line to join the franchisee is a process

ACG has two core advantages: one is the electricity supplier of furniture by Disney and other famous cartoon brand licensing, solve the problem of trust of consumers; the two is the beginning of planned access products, integration of the original O2O shop.


oral | ACG founder Yang Tao finishing | Liu Chen

cool diffuse status now may be a lot of people do not understand. It is the end of October has just got the sky map capital investment of 100 million yuan, but at the same time turn off nearly 100 stores under the line. People can not understand is that the cool is not to expand the room for the expansion of financing, nor is it in order to close the shop and shut shop, but in order to force, expand the proportion of online, and reshape the entire business model.

cool habitat in the early stages of development is through the release of join, copy the profit model and the accumulation of funds. After the enterprise strategic shift to the Internet platform, so the ACG way is first to the creative enterprises from traditional enterprises, from creative enterprises to creative enterprises have Internet genes, this is two completely different upgrade.

find the child and adult fit point

cool man living in Beijing, Shanghai and many other cities in the country has more than and 100 stores, and has been fully settled Tmall, Jingdong, and other shopping sites. The key point of any business project is how you look at the project. Cool man from the top of the design to the final implementation of the strategy, with 3 and a half years. The first step is to find the market. Before doing ACG, I did the office furniture, the traditional manufacturing enterprises, it was felt that this was not the direction in the future, so later on in the relevant areas of the project for which a threshold plate may arise in the future.

children Home Furnishing is a rigid demand, a year tens of billions of yuan in the market, and in this market and did not appear large company or brand. The business model is reasonable, and the plough, can certainly make a very valuable enterprise.

but when the beginning of the transformation, venture partners can not accept, when the furniture factory to earn money to earn very well, you suddenly put forward to close the factory to do a project can not see the future, we can not understand. But I have no doubt that the two line battle, the last of the 12 founders of the home.

choose to do children’s home there is another reason, Chinese consumers are very willing to spend money for their children. However, you have to understand what consumers want and offer them. Rather than what you have first, then to allow consumers to accept. The particularity of children’s home is that children and parents want different things. Parents to safety, brand, environmental protection, cost-effective, they want to give their children the best things, but also want to be protected, but this may not be the child’s favorite. Children like the things on the market to provide it? Now the market can provide, is nothing more than to change the furniture of adults, painted colorful.

finally we found that there was a fit in, "

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