Jingdong PO rumors cited hot Liu Qiangdong hit China’s richest man

    Jingdong mall founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong has always stressed the need to worry about the listing, and repeatedly said it will be listed in 2013. However, overseas media recently reported that Jingdong mall will start IPO this week. This news was spread to the domestic Jingdong, mall and Liu Qiangdong is facing from the industry and the media is the Jingdong capital chain: Torture turns too nervous or anxious to? Venture e-commerce bubble burst before cash? Or both?

in the face of various questions, Liu Qiangdong through micro-blog gives a have no relevance to the reply: "next week I don’t know what I’m in the Taklimakan Desert somewhere"; the Jingdong mall PR person in charge said "no comment".

wants to raise $4 billion – $5 billion

according to foreign media reports, the Jingdong will start this week in IPO, will be listed on the time determined for the first half of 2012, plans to raise 4 billion -50 billion dollars, which may become the largest Internet company IPO. Foreign electricity also said that Jingdong mall this week in Beijing, the investment bank for the beauty contest, select the Underwriters listed. However, so far, the news has not been confirmed Jingdong.

Analysys International data show that the first quarter of 2011, Jingdong B2C China mall occupies about 10% market share, behind only taobao.com 31% market share, ranking second. Chinese electricity supplier huge market prospects, making Jingdong can tell a wonderful story for Wall Street. However, the recent global downturn in the capital market, many Chinese Internet companies such as thunder, PPlive and other plans to postpone the United States IPO. Jingdong mall at this time if you really start IPO, is not an ideal time.

is looking forward to consulting President Lv Bowang believes that Jingdong IPO melt into 4 billion -50 billion dollars too optimistic expectations, more than $2 billion -30. Senior financial columnist Yang Song is more pessimistic that Jingdong raised nearly $5 billion mall rumors, which releases a sign of desperation, as investors look for investment in Chinese before the Internet bubble burst to recovery. Yang Song also predicted that Jingdong mall if listed, up to raise $1 billion, and probably less.

if Jingdong mall next year really IPO success, and raised $5 billion of funds. Then Liu Qiangdong’s worth will reach 8 billion -100 billion, becoming the new richest man in china. However, in September 7th released the "2011 Hurun Report" shows that China chairman Liang Wengen the richest man in the mainland Sany’s net worth has reached 70 billion yuan (about $11 billion). Therefore, even if the Jingdong store perfect listed, Liu Qiangdong’s net worth is also very difficult to go beyond the wengen.

Jingdong "shortage of money" problem unsolved

funding problems like the rapid expansion of the shadow behind the Jingdong, lingering. Jingdong mall development model

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