n China Newegg new new platform will be set up with cross border electricity supplier

– (Newegg.com) plans to launch a new online trading platform in more than and 20 countries including China, the Chinese branch in Chinese Chinese Newegg once on the market, change radically, it can get back to its former glory?

business online recently, Internet retail media platform Internet Retailer reported that the main consumer electronics products in the United States online retailers – (Newegg.com) will launch a new online trading platform in more than and 20 countries worldwide, including China.

, a new online trading platform for the main cross-border electricity supplier, will allow U.S. and European manufacturers and retailers to sell products to overseas users. Both the seller can through the Seller Portal system of new eggs, put on the offshore platform. The system can provide different commodity list and pricing for different regions.

according to the report, the new on-line platform, according to the specific circumstances of different countries, Newegg may also provide local language independent website for local consumers.

this message to the consumer’s view China long fade – once again pushed to the fore.

unknown electricity supplier big brother

America – was established in southern California in 2001 until 2015, the United States in the Internet Retailer Newegg’s ranking is still in second place, after the amazon. Especially in the field of computer accessories, Newegg’s national market share of over 55%.

– have been aware of the strategic position of China market in the United States, it was founded that year, Chinese established simultaneously into the market, Chinese – (newegg.cn), a self oriented. In earlier years, Newegg was in front of the local electricity supplier companies China a wall. In the peak period of 2005, new U.S. sales exceeded $1 billion, China Newegg sales amounted to 60 million yuan, the same year the Jingdong sales is less than 10 million yuan.

is not only a strong competitor Newegg local electricity supplier, but also trained a lot of talents for the local electricity supplier, was known as the "Whampoa  military academy" electric business: fast and easy network founder Bu Guangqi was the founder of Newegg Chinese; Ren Xin, tonight hotel special offer Deng Tian Zhuo also in Newegg even Liu Qiangdong; as Newegg suppliers, and under the new business model inspired the initiation of the idea of the creation of Jingdong.

But after the peak of

, Newegg has began to decline. In 2007, new China sales of less than 100 million yuan, the market share of the electricity supplier in Chinese B2C is 5.4% in 2011, fell to 1.8%, in the same year by iResearch released "China TOP 30 electricity supplier list, it has been thrown out of the top ten electricity supplier Chinese.

China Newegg why?

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