Domestic buy site in January soared to 400 prospects are not optimistic

to provide preferential information to businesses

called a certain number of users to buy

change a product every day

has developed a large number of "net group"

than cheap buy site big bang

if you are about 35 friends group purchase something, or seckill on the website and buy cheap goods, so you can not count the "shopping Master", now, you must know the network group purchase should be.

it is reported that since the US website Groupon "group purchase a daily" mode of e-commerce success this year, the domestic Internet entrepreneurs like to see a "gold mine", the big bang Chinese imitator, version of group purchase website "".

just one month of domestic group purchase quickly expanded to 400, including beauty group, F group, handle network, Groupon, Wowo network, 24 coupons, full network, cool group network, the industry dubbed the "hundred regiments".

net family

strange friends group to buy low-priced products

1 yuan, salmon 90 percent off cakes, 93.2% off fashion photography…… Watercress network, happy online, users can be forwarded to each other preferential information.

and these benefits are not from a group of individuals to buy, but professional buy site.

in a foreign company to work Zhao Hui, every day half an hour to the unit. "I’m going to the internet." Zhao Hui told reporters that the advance is mainly to buy coupons.

Zhao Hui told reporters that there are hundreds of similar group buying site, she at least to browse more than ten small famous, choose what they are interested in. Online shopping is the most food and beverage, but I have to look at the location of the restaurant, the evaluation of other users." She said, your home or unit is too far to go, money does not pay.

in the end, Zhao Hui bought a double French dinner, the original price of 450 yuan, the price given to buy the network is $128. Reporters saw the same product has 1043 people to buy.

at present, such as Zhao Hui "lucky" on the Internet, friends and strangers together "group" is not a few, a product to reporters just open a website, buyers can 100, while more than 5000 people.

reporter interview, involved in the net friend said that the rapid expansion of the site to buy people dazzling, the temptation of a low discount on the purchase of a pile of unwanted goods.

If the

site is "hundred regiments", that is "netizens absolutely braved a hail of bullets" consumption.

buy site

released a coupon every day to earn the difference

it is reported that, at present, the main domestic buy site is imitation country >

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