Release B2C electricity supplier era webmaster opportunities

held by the owners of the home, Sina micro-blog, Internet entrepreneurs Club jointly organized the "2011 China business exchange and the owners of the home station nine anniversary of the national conference in Xiamen city on April 3rd, the meeting of the owners gathered strength, sharing entrepreneurial new life" as the theme to discuss, from the entrepreneurial process, team management enterprise culture construction, investment and other aspects, has attracted more than five hundred business owners to participate in.

below is the name of the shoe library Han’s speech content sharing:

host Guo Jijun: O2O is a very good form, from Online to Offline, from line to line, now please veoshoesshoes CEO Mr. Han Buyong, to bring you the "release of the B2C tide energy supplier era webmaster opportunities".

Han Buyong: hello dear friends, this topic is to define my days. Over the past two years, the development of e-commerce is a new breakthrough point, here, there are PPA, the total electricity supplier in Xiamen, the past two years is very hot. Two days before the opening of a general assembly, also in the same month, the feeling of hot scenes of three months. Today is talking about the release of the B2C wave of energy, how big the wave, I do not know whether there is a general understanding.

we speak from four aspects, the bubble of B2C, B2C value chain, the value of the owners, mining new opportunities. We do not really know the webmaster, although the webmaster to provide us with a lot of performance, but we do not know the format of the webmaster. We have to be very careful to understand, the location of the station is different, can not say that there is no value, it will mislead everyone. So we draw some pictures, should reflect the real value of the chain to tell you whether you can choose some special opportunities.

a little self introduction, the name of the shoe is the Chinese footwear B2C online retailers, up to now 2 years, from 1 to 2 people grow up to now the 300 people, but also in the industry to break out of their own status. In fact, from the early start of e-commerce, because we do shoes, and so on, e-commerce is based on business. Cai Wensheng also mentioned just now, e-commerce is one of the next three aspects. A is also stressed that e-commerce can give you some inspiration.

last year, the data can be seen boiling state, the transaction volume reached 430 billion, the number of B2C sites grew to 1.18. Get a message, South Korea’s online sales have exceeded the offline sales, B2C colleagues is very exciting news, because in China, this ratio is relatively low. In 2000, we experienced the Internet bubble, you can also feel the bubble is also very fierce.

a little bit of a problem, like a navigation site, I also experienced this crazy. From more than 10 thousand, has been up to now, in a little more than a year, we have more than 7 times the value of. 2 years ago in good advertising, the effect of the shoe warehouse is very good, but now only the effect of 123 of the remaining 1/10. Of value

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