Explore the reasons of B2C online shopping burst red

do not know when to start, online shopping is no longer the word on behalf of avant-garde or fresh, and become and eat, drink, sleep as ordinary things. Don’t deny, recall their shopping experience: you "Taobao" "Taobao"? If not, you from the Jingdong bought a home appliance? If not, then you must from Dangdang, excellent bought books, if you have to "upgrade" for parents, not to mention you do not let children red ok baby, foljan, home delivery……

to this day, if you haven’t tried an online shopping, it’s like the ad saying: "you OUT!!!"

online shopping B2C upstart

exceeded 100 billion

what you buy online? Clothes and bags, cosmetics and skin care products, books and audio-visual products, home appliances and digital products? Yes, but, in addition, there are more and more things can be online shopping, food, native products, baby products and jewelry watches, decoration materials, medical supplies…… Click the mouse, the goods to the door, and run around, spend money compared to the cost of transport, shopping process such truly enjoy, especially in the high temperature of 40 degrees or rain and strong winds and other inclement weather, the more obvious advantages of online shopping, no wonder more and more people began to abandon the "lazy" in real life goods more than three join the army, online shopping.

A group of figures below

can reflect the degree of popular online shopping from one side: statistics show that in 2009 Chinese network shopping market in the first half of the transaction size has exceeded 100 billion yuan, while the rapid growth of B2C online mall is particularly eye-catching:

well-known research institutions iResearch consulting data show that by May 2009, the number of B2C online mall coverage of nearly 130 million, B2C mall subscriber growth rate for the first time in a row C2C platform for three months. Even C2C started Taobao, is also strongly recommended to guide consumers to Taobao mall shopping.

Analysys International (Analysys International) recently released "B2C 2008-2011" China market trend forecast, is expected in 2009 China B2C online retail market will reach 11 billion 800 million yuan, compared with 2008 growth of 47.5%.

NetEase Youdao shopping search data can also prove that B2C’s hot – it has now included more than 400 B2C businesses more than 2300 kinds of goods.

yes, C2C in the continued prosperity at the same time, B2C online shopping mall is rapidly rising, and from the earliest digital books, audio and video products, extended to fashion, cosmetics, small appliances, building materials, outdoor sports, Home Furnishing food catering almost Everything is contained therein. areas emerged more with a group size and strength of the brand such as business, appliances and digital products Jingdong mall, century electric business, clothing, underwear, dream bazaar, Monroe underwear monopoly network, Mcglaughlin network, peel net, Lasafo > main cosmetics

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