Alibaba in March to push the 1688 network wholesale Hu Ge Han Han propaganda

February 10th morning news, Alibaba will launch a new business in in March 1st, officially involved in the wholesale business network, and hit the shopping Taobao, wholesale 1688 slogan. Hu Ge recently launched online video works are also considered to be 1688 of the commercials, which also invited to participate in performances such as Han Han.

Alibaba recently bought domain name (Alibaba Hong Kong stock code is just HK.1688). The end of last month, according to the external judgment information on the page, the Alibaba will launch a new business called "online wholesale market", continue to expand the sphere of influence in the field of electronic commerce.

and the latest news on this page shows that Alibaba will be officially launched in March 1st 1688 network wholesale business. It is worth noting that the page in the shopping Taobao, wholesale 1688 slogan, but also for the first time for the two clear positioning.

you purchase up, Ladies and folks, this is the beginning of the 1688 words on the home page of the Flash funny short. Short film, said 1688 as the world’s largest wholesale procurement market, while the introduction of the business in terms of supply, integrity and other aspects of the 1688, many of them "Cup", "not bad money" and other network buzzwords.

and these two production of fine Flash is far from all of the Alibaba propaganda 1688.

yesterday, due to "murder case" caused a Steamed Buns and popular network Hu Ge re launched the latest works, this film called "animal world" network video, Han Han and Ayawawa were allegedly involved in the show, Hu Ge’s "Deconstruction" animal world ", with the visual angle of documentary record is a human the network of alienation, as the" Internet addiction war "".

, however, soon netizens pointed out the length of 7 minutes and 48 seconds of the new Hu Ge, is actually a Alibaba advertising film: conception and interpretation is not profound, but several significant mentions

is reported that 1688 continue to pursue free entry, zero cost shop strategy, Alibaba also plans to invest in the CCTV and other media to promote its $one hundred million. In addition, for the accumulation of popular Alibaba also launched 1688 rob building activities, to meet the conditions of the post should be given a $20 phone recharge card or $1688 cash bonus. (Meng Hong)

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