Google search service blocked today

this afternoon, when I was off work, suddenly found that the use of can not search, display the connection is reset". Later in the QQ group also found a lot of friends that can not use Google search service. At least the Beijing area is completely inaccessible, and by night it is restored. However, according to my observation, the use of will still be intermittent inaccessible. Looks like Google is getting closer and closer.

After the

GOOGLE exit since last week Chinese event, GOOGLE said it may have further "harmony", although the.HK search content itself is not restricted, but the relevant departments still joined their review mechanism, but as of now, will still be provided with filtering information for domestic users access.

since Google quit China a week later, the search engine market share changes little, still occupy about 14% of the market share. However, according to the majority of the owners responded Google AdSense revenue fell significantly, so my blog.

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