The total number of global domain names by the end of last year ranked seventh over Cn 250 million


technology – Beijing morning news on April 9th, the domain name service VeriSign data released Monday showed that the number of domain names of more than 6 million 100 thousand new global fourth quarter of 2012, and as of December 31, 2012 all the top-level domain name following total domain name more than 252 million.

in the fourth quarter of last year the new domain name number compared with the third quarter growth of 2.5%, and more than 2% growth rate over the eighth consecutive quarter. 2012, the number of global domain name registration reached 26 million 600 thousand, an increase of 11.8%.

fourth quarter,.Com and.Net domain name registration number increased, the total reached 121 million 100 thousand, an increase of 6.4%. As of December 31, 2012,.Com domain name registration base was 106 million 200 thousand, while the.Net domain name registration base of 14 million 900 thousand. The fourth quarter,.Com and.Net domain name registration number was 8 million, higher than the same period in 2011 of the same period, while the domain name renewal rate of 72.9%, higher than the third quarter of 72.5%.

VeriSign each quarter will be published in the domain name industry briefing, tracking trends associated with top-level domain name. .com domain name registration as a controller,.Com domain name registration number is no doubt conducive to the growth of VeriSign. However, with the launch of the new top-level domain names later this year, the future of the use of different top-level domain will be more dispersed. Last month, in the initial assessment of the Internet domain name authority ICANN, VeriSign won a number of non Latin alphabet top-level domain name.

in the fourth quarter, the top-level domain name ranking by the size of the change in the third quarter. .cn domain name ranking rose from eighth to seventh, while.Info fell by one. The top 10 in the other top-level domain has not changed, respectively,.Com,.De,.Net,.Tk,.Uk,.Org,.Cn,.Info,.Nl and.Ru. VeriSign said that the registration of the.Tk domain name is showing an upward trend, and 97% of the active domain name registration is free. 2012,.Tk domain name registered an increase of 11.8%. (Wei Jin)

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