Adsense network broadcast 26 year old delete posts for a year to earn a 7 million 800 thousand Feng

1 Lily network announced the completion of the financing of 1 billion 500 million yuan: plan for the year listed in domestic  

May 20th afternoon, Lily network officially announced at today’s "lily network ten anniversary, the company has completed the refinancing of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, and plans to landing the domestic capital market during the year.

Lily network official not officially announced to investors who is the market. According to informed sources, this round of investment in a total of 3 listed companies, five well-known brokerage and private equity funds involved. One of the two listed companies have announced the evening of April 20th, Shengda mining and Great Lakes shares also announced that were invested 80 million yuan and 25 million yuan of Lily net capital increase, the total shares of 5.13% and 1.6% respectively.

2 homework network: either fire, or die, Xu Xiaoping said will always cast  

they are still in the enclosure stage large-scale financing, positive position and continue to polish free products, but around the user, from the success of the "liquidation" how far is


"I’ll keep on investing until it makes money or makes no money." One of the founder of New Oriental, Zhenge fund angel investor Xu Xiaoping talked about him to work together with the network of investment has been so confident. Millet company CEO Lei evaluation work together with the network CEO Liu Chang is a "can not find the shortcomings of the founder of. In the spring of 2015, there are several world-class investment institutions together to work together in Beijing network platform shouting, declaring that the company completed the D round of $100 million financing.

3 by the General Administration of Customs: Ali cloud large amount of over 80 million


May 20th noon news, according to the announcement of the General Administration of customs, domestic Ali cloud cloud computing vendors bid "two period" of these projects big data cloud project, bid a total amount of up to 85 million 680 thousand, as Jiangsu Datacraft integrator.

big data cloud is an important part of "two period" Jinguan engineering. These projects proposed by the State Council is the first batch of "gold" is the first project. At present, the first phase has been completed, the two phase of the Internet of things, cloud computing and other new technologies, focusing on the construction of the national customs monitoring command system, import and export enterprise credit management system, customs logistics monitoring system, etc.. Overall planning construction cycle of 5 years, the initial investment budget of $4 billion 95 million.

4 Hou Xiaoqiang venture to do literary review platform: to use poison to kill watercress  

original Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang in May 19 an article entitled "tonight, I went to a meeting does not exist," the network of hot text, back to the public view. He announced the venture, while the new project called poison, has been officially launched on Apple’s App Store and Android application market.

from the model point of view, "poison" is a similar watercress real name movie book review platform, at the same time >

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