2015 nternet trends report Asia is im app leader

we take Facebook Messenger as an example to look at the U.S. market, it still does not have the game, two-dimensional code, food takeout and taxi service functions.

27 this month, Mary Meeker’s report on the trend of the Internet, released in, which is one of the highlights of the Asian instant messaging app in terms of performance and innovative analysis. Although Asia depends mainly on the "cloning" of the United States or other start-ups in developed market ideas to a share in the market, but in the field of instant messaging, Asia is fully deserve leader. Let’s look at the specific.

in the field of instant messaging in Asia has three big app: LINE (2011, Japan), WeChat (in 2011, China) and Kaokao Talk (in 2010, South Korea).

although in the initial launch of the time, these three app have the most basic text messaging function, but with the development of recent years, more and more features have been added. In the process of development of instant communication app in Asia is almost always ahead of male like WhatsApp (published in 2009), Facebook Messenger (published in 2011) and Snapchat (published in 2011) that western rivals.

I mentioned these continue to increase the function refers to the voice and video calls, mobile payment, face stickers, games, business, media, two-dimensional code, food takeaway, taxi service, user story / circle of friends (news push) and development platform. In addition to Kaokao does not have video calls and food takeaway, these three Asian instant messaging app includes all of the above features.

just to give an example, WhatsApp has just launched this year, the video call feature, LINE has since its inception, WeChat is in 2014, Kaokao is in 2012. With the continuous rise in Asian taxi booking, more than three platforms respectively in the last year and the first to provide the service, WeChat to cooperate with the taxi drops, Kaokao launched its own taxi service Kaokao Taxi, and LINE in Tokyo also offer a similar service.

we take Facebook Messenger, for example, look at the U.S. market, it is still not yet available games, two-dimensional code, food takeout and taxi service functions. Snapchat since the launch of the chat last year, although the user can make video calls, but in the more critical areas it has been showing a state of backwardness.

simply on the number of users, has 800 million monthly active users, WhatsApp is still the leader, Facebook Messeng>

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