The bell went to Ali Pa Pa PR first day little known insider

I: a key node in black Ali listed, the secret for everyone Ma Empire halo behind the little-known "public relations group".

at the moment if the Alibaba also has a circle of friends, presumably such a scene:

people can not help but wonder, starting from the lakeside garden since fifteen years ago, the "Hangzhou guy" is how Ma Yun went today? ("Hangzhou man" is Ma Yun himself: in September 16th, there are rumors that Ma Yun has settled in Hongkong, Ma Yun said the rumor that she was still a "Hangzhou guy".


reason must be complex, but its huge role in the public relations team must be no doubt. Alibaba PR born Wang Shuai can become a group of CMO, a PR ran to become vice president of the group (at left), enough to explain its extreme importance to public relations.

recommended two articles, the key nodes listed Ali, Ma Secret Empire halo behind the little-known "public relations group".

the 1 Alibaba little-known secret


Ma Yun is a fellow named fan Xin man, when the CCTV "Oriental Horizon" documentary director. This is Ma in the life of "noble", an important turning point of strategic thinking is ma.

Ma Yun later has maintained a close relationship with CCTV, 2004 ten annual economic figures, 2006, the horse becomes the "win in Chinese" total judges, not only to promote the success of the Alibaba and landed on the platform, the top entrepreneurs club. Informed sources said, in fact, Alibaba has long been planning this matter, Ma Yun invested huge amounts of money.

hit the money media public relations, Ma is a very recognized move. So far, the Alibaba public relations ability makes common people fear. Insiders, the Alibaba is currently almost can use almost all the national mainstream media, and usually hundreds of media activities, large-scale activities such as network meeting usually reach 300 scale. Alibaba, the country’s major media to maintain a close cooperation in public relations, a number of cooperation projects at 20 million.

This is just the

of Pediatrics Ma pr. The essence of his subversive public relations.

2000, Ma is planning a dynamic world of the "West Lake mountain", aroused in the Internet winter a gulls.

"since that time, Ma has basically formed a strong marketing + reverse marketing public relations model, these two axes is waving to life, the first casualty is eBay Ebay." A public relations firm has studied almost all Alibaba marketing case.

was secretly developed Taobao Ma, itself is a kind of reverse marketing, in order to contain eBay from C2C to seize the Ma B2B market. Taobao PK eBay in this battle, the most classic is not even free kill >

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