Google com search page to add user interaction


just check the blog search engine source found this change, something out of the search results on for users to share and comment, enhance (top) and delete (foot) operation, but also seems to only have the function, don’t know how it came out, whether it is in the test stage. and do not have this option.



for myself to enhance the search results page, I found the blog search results to the first, of course, this certainly is your computer above effect, but if a lot of people are not necessarily

, ha ha!

also made a deletion test as follows:


chose a random search results point the "remove" results to the bottom of the page, I guess tens of thousands of people go to the "remove" most of this "really makes Google" remove "


is also on the Google a little change, do not know whether other users noticed, I will first full screen display the Google logo and then gradually appeared in news search page, as shown in some query search results:

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