ndustry status and the opportunity to intervene Baidu will make people become the next glutinous ri

Baidu issued a financial report, Robin said that the share of glutinous rice in GMV, doubled. See the present situation of glutinous rice, I do not know why suddenly thought of just starting the people’s network of Baidu.

came out from the people’s network has been the news of Baidu investment has been more than two weeks, so far, people have not recognized the network was acquired by Baidu. But since there is a strategic stake in a top Internet Co, the basic can be said to be no doubt Baidu.

a lot of people with a scanning mirror to analyze why Baidu will invest in people’s network, in my opinion, the core reason is 3:

1, the people in line with Baidu’s intermediate page strategy, the future can be seamless;

2, people network can help Baidu to further incorporate small and medium-sized businesses, have the opportunity to increase revenue;

3, to a certain extent, the classification of information search is actually competing products, Baidu can not sit the 58 big Tencent (also can not sit 58 go to the market after the merger, the two lower daily to Baidu’s "protection money").

Robin in May this year, Baidu Union summit in Tengchong, said Baidu investment three no strategy, the first one is not holding. But from the perspective of Baidu’s investment history, almost all of the important investments in the end of the holdings and acquisitions, especially related to the middle page of the project.

simple review of Baidu’s investment history:

in 2012, through the acquisition of Providence’s remaining stake in Iqiyi, Iqiyi to complete the acquisition of a wholly-owned


2013, $370 million acquisition of PPS, contributed to the merger with Iqiyi


2013, the investment of $190 million in exchange for 59% rice network, the completion of investment holdings, the 2014 acquisition of the remaining shares, recently Robin also rhetoric to vote 20 billion;

2011, where to invest $306 million, for a 62% stake in the acquisition of the right to control, where to go to the United States in 2013 listed;

2013, $1 billion 900 million acquisition of wireless 91.

look, "page", "billions of dollars of investment" and "buy-out" that the three words in the Baidu seems inseparable good gay friend. Although Robin just said that we do not control!!! But I don’t blame you feel once took Baidu money, sooner or later have to change 100. So, this is not to let people guess, people network is not too soon to change 100 (huh? They seem to have been under the name of 100). In fact, it seems that Baidu started the situation at the time of the rice and people are now starting the network is similar.

1, business and strategic direction

glutinous rice is the main business group purchase group purchase has not changed, the extension of business is all kinds of O2O vertical service. Baidu not only successfully involved in glutinous rice to buy the market, but also to intervene in other O2O services have been laid

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