Easy to store to help young entrepreneurs in 60 activities

    professional mall, high speed space free, to help 60 youth entrepreneurship activities in

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    do you want to have a mall for free? Do you want to start your career for free? All this we will help you achieve! The electronic commerce in our country is more and more mature, network transactions have become increasingly frequent, in the face of the severe employment pressure, many young people choose online business, to support young entrepreneurs in the network business, in the network, network technology, Ming changehope network jointly funded station network (admin5.com) provides full exclusive publicity a free e-commerce platform for 60 young entrepreneurs per person, create e-commerce business career. Through the following application you have the opportunity to get our professional mall and high-speed 100M mall dedicated space.

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    from September 11th to 60 places all applications are completed (application progress webmaster network (admin5.com) to keep track of reports)

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    the free and open source:

    easy to place is the first domestic online shopping mall ASP.NET+Mssql2000 free and open source, a professional development team upgrade and maintenance, and provide timely and efficient technical support for you. The mall not only provided free of charge, but also the development of all source code, you can also according to the easy place to customize their own business characteristics, increase Mall features.

    the powerful and convenient:

    easy to think of the mall is very powerful, not only unlimited level classification, you can customize the style, has a strong CMS function, there is an important feature of the operation is convenient and quick. We look for the user-friendly design to make our products meet the high usability, just a simple mouse + entry to complete the mall management.

    the speed and stability of

    easy to place in the system architecture, database, procedures and other aspects of the design are completed by the professional team, to ensure the efficiency of the system, effective and reasonable management processes to help your business in a rapidly changing and always one step ahead, grasp the initiative in the market, also easy to place after careful testing, the system has stable and reliable let you rest assured.

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