Automotive website game platform experiment of gene chips and BTAUTO

automotive Internet media in the years of the various hills, homogeneous competition began to emerge after the emergence of the platform nature of the business model.

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from the beginning of the new century, China’s auto industry and the Internet industry began to intersect. After 11 years of looking back, with the explosive growth of the automotive market China, automobile Internet media also appeared the situation from All flowers bloom together. vertical sites to the portal auto channel, from the video site to micro-blog and the community, to the mobile terminal, these are the main stronghold of car advertising spend money like water.

however, if carefully inventory, this is only the carrier level All flowers bloom together. advertising and text launch, over the years the automotive media business model is still the "laosanpian" – plane and streaming media advertising, car reviews and offline activities.

the reason why the industry is a single business model, because the integration of the automotive industry and the Internet industry is still only in the point to point content delivery phase. The present each kind of media has its own Internet position, but this pattern is difficult to gather resources and data, it is difficult to carry forward the productivity of the internet.

, however, with the Internet industry, the concept of platform and become the trend of popular, automotive Internet media is also facing a big change. Objectively, the automobile manufacturers, dealers and the media are calling for the establishment of a resource docking platform. In this industry changes, as the only one listed in the U.S. auto industry Chinese force, BITAUTO once again played a vanguard role.

was born in China, the earliest, its most abundant Internet automotive media, recently introduced the concept of automotive digital marketing platform. It is ready to all automotive Internet media access to their platform, to build China’s automotive media data center.

behind this new idea, the automotive industry and the Internet industry is a unique cross sector industrial ecology.

reality and possibility

in the various segments of the industry under the concept of the Internet, the car is the lowest Internet media, the pattern is one of the most clear areas. Vertical website to car net, car home and she led the four major portals, and Pacific Network Auto Channel, and a large number of non professional community, on the content of video website and business platform etc..

in the automotive Internet media after the birth of a long period of time, their content is very homogeneous industry information. But with the popularity of the family car in the car Chinese wave, and gradually become a standard evaluation content of the media.

President Shao Jingning is easy to

in this industry for more than 10 years before the disseminated veteran, served as Sina Auto Channel editor. He divided the above in accordance with the content of the period, respectively, called the first generation of the main industry information operation and the main features of the second generation of product operation".


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