The car industry’s Carnival scene last night lying down in the dumps in China

speaking of screen news yesterday, the number of network about cars "should be fully deserve the legalization of" the heavy news of it, your circle of friends almost instant burst. Time and again come out of "network booking taxi management service management procedures" yesterday let yuho who drops hi Pu Ben, "once a mother" joy was overflowing to the outside of the official statement.

some people say that this means that the country is determined to support the development of shared economy, it was also said that this is too big to fail, another living example, it seems reasonable. Drops travel valuation has exceeded $25 billion, part of the Chinese yuho valuation allegedly close to $10 billion, $4 billion in China, easy to valuation in 1 billion ~30 billion, the market is too big to make people speechless. A new paper yesterday let the industry’s big game player to stand on the same starting line, so whether the industry will be in a burst of applause in the re shuffle? Game player who in the end the grad



(from right to left: drops, excellent step, Shenzhou)


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drops of course happy, the whole industry legalized, but compared to the last round of the draft, the influence of part-time driver "must sign labor contract" and "commercial vehicles 8 years of mandatory retirement" no restrictions, as the industry’s first game player, recognized government support for network about cars, is to drop the approval, approved by the government can not support how happy ah, china.

yesterday, seven ministries issued not only have a "network about cars Interim Measures", and a new rule is "taxi industry guidance", two documents and drops are closely related, and the drops are good, this is no other platform to enjoy. Government about the car, taxi industry to promote the integration of the development of two, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the taxi industry, improve operational efficiency and driver revenue, is undoubtedly walking in response to the call of the forefront of the government.

in the past few months, drops in the taxi industry suffered many obstruction, even the outbreak of the conflict, even the government has to stand on the drops of the opposite, such as Taiyuan had staged a "farce, once spread drops will leave some of the city’s wind, but this time the two document issued at the same time, for the situation in drops the local issue is greatly improved, the future is when the government interviewed more clout: we are here to fusion.


statement also drops in the front part of snarky, expressed "grateful heart", said: We sincerely hope that, by local governments in the process of the implementation of central policies, to safeguard the interests of the masses, the convenient people’s life goals, basic members encourage innovation, decentralization, create a good the environment for the development of new formats. Although the wording is "sincere hope", but this is obviously drops in waving the sword pointing jiangshan.

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