Jiangsu cracked 264 cases of nternet pornography

reporter Jiang De in Jiangsu province to combat Internet pornography special action carried out this year, the public security organs as the main force, the relevant units cooperate closely, "based in Jiangsu, facing the country, extending overseas", the campaign achieved outstanding results: the province in accordance with the law to remove pornographic information online 55089, being shut down in accordance with the law pornographic information website 2114, column 384, and cracked the network pornographic cases since 264, including 111 criminal cases, arrested 659 criminal suspects. So far, the court has made a verdict of 12 cases of Internet pornography crime.

is a cancer of Internet pornography on the Internet "". According to the Internet pornography dissemination of illegal information without restriction of area, Jiangsu province public security organs to take "the case against the track extends to where, where" the principle of "based in Jiangsu, facing the country, extending overseas, to find online pornography crime clues, both in the province or outside the province, opened the obscene no porn sites in the territory or rented to outside service network space, have organized a check in the end, to eliminate the harm of veteran soldiers and able captains. According to statistics, the province’s public security organs cracked in the campaign of 111 Internet pornography criminal cases, 89.2% pornographic websites address in overseas or other provinces and cities; more than 70% suspects arrested in Jiangsu.

in the special action, Jiangsu special attention to play to the advantages of departmental interaction, not just concentrate on one thing: the public security organs is the main force in the fight against Internet pornography crime, based on the deep criminal clues, to open the road; pornography department not only promptly instructed the more than and 30 net station being deleted pornographic articles, also has to assist the public security authorities identified more than 1.3 articles online pornographic articles, pornographic publication issued by the identification of 47 copies of the book; and the radio and television departments through the illegal dissemination of audio-visual programs website one by one, will have 45 suspected of spreading pornographic video content website transferred to public security organs to investigate. Now, the relevant departments have formed a clue notification mechanism and joint supervision mechanism, pornographic websites charge account rapid investigation and freezing mechanism, to combat Internet pornography crime really form a fist.

Jiangsu in the fight against online pornography crime, but also to take measures to regulate network management. At present, the province’s public security organs have implemented a network of police on the Internet patrol duty, found in the disposal of pornographic information online. At the same time, the public security organs in the province, the province’s main website forum set up a unified logo "110 alarm box" and "virtual police" icon, wide receiver for online pornography crimes report, set up online criminal reward system, and efforts to mobilize the masses to build a strong atmosphere of camp to actively support and participate in the special action. The public security organs but also through the implementation of the responsibility system of safety management, strengthen the information network security supervision and management of Internet service unit in accordance with the law, supervise their self-examination, clean up online pornography illegal information, so as to effectively block the network.

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