Six rooms in the dying type of promotion


6 rooms in June 2006, after the January 2006 broadcast by the works of Hu Ge "caused a Steamed Buns murder case", 6 rooms by the works of Hu Ge’s popularity in 2006 June launched the "energy-saving", in January 07 Hu Ge launched a new "007 war" black people within 3 hours, watching the flow of more than 100 thousand times. For a time, grab the contents of the marketing strategy makes the 6 rooms famous noise.

but since the 007 World War Black people enthusiasm, click rate has been stagnant, even today after the 10 months, the click rate has not more than 3 million 700 thousand times. 6 rooms of the sharp decline in traffic, many people no longer landed in the 6 rooms. Not long ago, the video sharing site six rooms cost millions of dollars to buy to replace the original domain name, in order to strengthen the promotion, the 6 rooms and even the emergence of the means of cheating and virus suspects.

content marketing is an important means of video website promotion, such as President Victor Koo, often in public praise tear video "the old man and the dog", but fame moment after the promotion to keep, should not deceive users.

questioned traffic

since Sohu President Zhang Zhaoyang successfully kill Alexa rankings, there are a large number of sites suspected of cheating surfaced. 6 room ranking is very stable, does not seem to be any oscillation. But there are other users to provide data on the Internet to spread, the source of this data is YAHOO vane and Baidu index".


vane" and "Baidu index" was originally "keyword advertising" service for businesses, with the keyword as statistical objects, but they can help us to understand how many users are interested in one thing every day, reflecting social hot and reaction China users on the net every day doing what. Since YAHOO and Baidu database update takes time, the data is generally two or three days before the date of the data, while the worst of the 6 rooms is 0:

no matter what keywords, can not prove that there are a large number of Internet users concerned about the six rooms, they do not differ much in the Alexa ip. But the proportion of too much difference? How does it get about one million and six hundred thousand


I understand that, at present, China has formed a number of cheating "cancer for Alexa industrial chain". In the many new sites pursued, the "cancer" of the industry chain is still in rapid expansion. As long as we are still concerned about this ranking, cheating this industry chain will not disappear.

has 6 rooms, with the help of Hu Ge, the civilian culture topic on the academic lecture video website, so much to promote their


"dying" promotion

Gu Yongqiang, President of

Youku in a public occasion, said: now the user’s acceptance of the video is getting higher and higher, while the video industry is polarization, with >