Telecom Netcom negotiations to strengthen interoperability north and South site access speed


technology news July 9th 11:00 news, according to sources close to the telecom operators, China Telecom and Chinese Netcom started negotiations to strengthen interoperability in Internet access, "there has been more than half a month, but I do not know what specific results come out of time."

this morning, otherwise users reflect, in the North landing server in some network game speed up the south, through multi site test, in the South North landing site, landing in the North South site does have greatly improved the speed, observers said, probably because of the China Telecom and the Chinese Netcom strengthen interoperability.

previously, due to the China Telecom and Chinese respectively in 21 provinces of southern China Netcom operations and the 10 northern province Internet backbone, the website using the China Telecom and Chinese Netcom server, resulting in the North North landing site, landing speed down south site in the south. This has been a big problem afflicting the Internet industry.

I was in Guangzhou Telecom, Netcom, access to most of the test after much faster, before PING returns more than and 500 is now around 100, and some provinces, some provinces also fast, or slow….. Estimate soon soon, but do not know, is temporary because the 2008 Olympic Games] or after all that is