Daily topic the new deal will legalize the car a few happy tears

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 12th news, this month at 10 pm the Ministry of transportation released the "guiding opinions on deepening the reform to further promote the healthy development of the taxi industry (Draft)" and "network booking taxi management service management Interim Measures (Draft)", will be a month public comment.

Internet into the taxi market, the transportation industry has been hot in how to regulate emerging formats. This year, the national NPC and CPPCC, Minister of transport Yang Chuantang in an interview with reporters said, in support of the Internet and the traditional taxi industry integration, the introduction of management norms taxi to deepen the reform of opinions and formulate the Internet car during the year. After more than half a year of research and development, these two iconic documents within the industry finally announced.

for car operators to obtain car rental business license and other documents, and to apply for Internet information services to the communications department in charge of filing. The car platform server should be set up in China mainland, the Ministry of transport supervision platform database access. Those involved in the operation of telecommunication services shall also comply with the relevant provisions of telecommunication administration. Foreign invested enterprises engaged in the online booking taxi shall comply with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations on foreign investment.

in accordance with the new regulations, vehicles and personnel car platform has been restricted to the taxi and the same range, and the price may also be higher than a taxi. The car was denied, part-time driver was a lot of extrusion, government guidance, improper price behavior or would wipe out the express, people excellent step cheap car, car platform ushered in the legal status at the same time, or will usher in the cold winter.

car after the enactment of the new deal, after a high-profile car license obtained by external position Castle not cover after all to the east". It has been in the car safety policy in China appears a lot of calm, after Shenzhou 9, car CEO Lu Zhengyao said in an interview, the Shenzhou car from the strategy and the business will not have any change.

some people may think, the car is legal victory, not sharing economy what? After all, the car was Zhaoan, seems to have no loss of government and enterprises. The government of both the preservation of the original interest a taxi, and in the most simple way to take control of the car "outrageous" risk; even if the draft content passed for a month, car taxi almost half, car platform valuation is still optimistic about the future, Uber said in China investment 6 billion 300 million, Shenzhou car has just completed a $550 million B round of financing.

any industry, the emergence of new models will change the existing market structure. Accept the change and adapt to the change, it is a good way to get a win-win situation. In this regard, the market has given the answer: the network is about to accept the trend of the car.

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