Welcome to the new trend of innovation to win the future 2013 Anhui nternet nnovation Conference o

IT as a long-term concern of Internet entrepreneurs, we focus on the Internet Internet Innovation Conference 2013 Anhui wind sways grass, (the official website of the General Assembly address: http://s.2013.zzbaike.com) will be held in Hefei in September 14th. In the first half of 2013, the Internet world is raging like a storm, listed companies within the industry set off a boom in mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of Alibaba shares of sina, Baidu PPS, won $1 billion 900 million wireless 91, their electricity supplier price war have them, such as "battle of 618". Behind these events herald a new trend of the internet. A new era of the Internet is coming.

first, the future trend of electricity providers and challenges

2013, the electricity supplier industry smoke, "618" Jingdong, Suning, Tmall and other major electricity supplier B2C round daleitai, squandering, what was really upset? For a time, "network price" has become a popular tool for consumers. The electricity supplier price war regardless of the industry or business enterprise has played a "peibenzhuanyaohe" role, to a certain extent, has become a public relations campaign". At the same time, there is a price war in the search, baby, fuzzy oversold Liupai, slow delivery etc. poor user experience problems, also let people complain incessantly online shopping. Some people think that, if it continues to simply shopping and ignore the deeper level of user experience, will only hurt consumer confidence in the brand business, loss of customer loyalty.

B2C with the increasingly fierce competition, the domestic online shopping crowd due to lack of loyalty, while B2C business product homogeneity, price war has become the most direct marketing tool, the price war will continue normal development. Price war in the short term to stimulate the flow at the same time, will result in a sustained price war, loss of loyalty vicious circle, is not conducive to the long-term development of the industry. B2C electricity supplier should pay more attention to the user experience and membership marketing, the real user as the core development strategy, to consolidate the user’s loyalty, more than a simple price promotion has long-term benefits.

two, the new environment under the severe form of the Internet venture

Internet trend, always a wave to come, there will always be new opportunities in front of. Over the past year, Chinese IT industry in innovation steadily and create new economic growth points, such as e-commerce, mobile payment, digital consumption, a new generation of information technology to accelerate the development and presents the integration, intelligence, cross-border trend, declared a comprehensive mobile Internet era. Entrepreneurs in this era, it is necessary to innovate and challenge the traditional model in the mobile Internet, and strive to create a complete ecological chain.


mobile Internet era of entrepreneurial environment entrepreneurial environment serious now than 10 years ago, the more severe pressure ahead, after the pursuers. Traditional Internet Co is still a huge influence, the new entrepreneurs not only to compete with the times, but also with a few mountains (such as mobile >

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