Live in the online world Taobao professional seller survey

refers to buying things online, the vast majority of young people’s first reaction is "Taobao" — a huge flow of buyers groups, naturally spawned countless small sellers, here has become a lot of young people network business "starting point" and "stronghold".

according to data provided by Taobao (micro-blog), as of the end of 2010, registered users reached 370 million. According to the third party IDC statistics, as of the end of, there are 1 million 823 thousand people through the Taobao shop to achieve employment, and this figure in 2007 was only 110 thousand, by the end of 2009 was about 800000. Some experts are optimistic that by the end of this year may exceed 3 million.

many people are very envious of "Taobao" the occupation at home, the little mouse, easily earning million yuan. "Millions of sellers" and "million seller" of the "myth" to allow young people to join the "shop". But, some really so simple? A large shop, as the only occupation and the means of livelihood of small sellers, their survival status how?


reporter lasted for several months, Taobao entered the city dozens of sellers work and life occupation. Among them, one into the millions of sellers, have had to leave the losers, they are busy thinking about what? What? What anxiety? This paper attempts to uncover a real living world shop.

can’t stand loneliness. Don’t get into the door,


line is a bustling world, tens of thousands of shops, dazzling goods, hauntingly. But under the line, many small sellers scattered in all corners of the country, like an island, no contact with each other, the only export server is the other end of the invisible guest

Lu Junqing’s daily life is this: get up at 5 in the morning, finishing in the shop yesterday received orders, then phoned the staff to tell them how to pick vegetables, how many chickens killed; 9 o’clock, hired vehicles in Chongming LvHua town on the time to open the front door, the fresh food to Shanghai city the customer’s home; 9 to 11:50 in the evening, the shop opened, he had to look after in front of the computer, during the finishing order, ready to send the goods to the afternoon began afterwards; 12 in the evening, until 1 to 2 points.

such a life, has been going on for nearly two years. In addition to the weekend reception to "inspect" the customer, "Lu Junqing Indoorsman" is the basic one, stay at home, and often accompanied by computer "".

people outside might envy: do not go to work, do not look at the face of the boss, work for yourself, how good! But interviewed almost all shop owners have described the state of their lives, "in a lonely road farther and farther". Even a lot of star sellers warned the first words of the new is: if you can not stand the loneliness, do not enter the door.

lonely choice

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