Labor Day Baidu sent me a good gift

may day, Baidu gave me a good gift

May Day arrived, was supposed to leave, but we still don’t let the boss leave, I still want to work as usual, after getting up in the morning, as usual, open the computer, I check the site collected by SEO fast catcher, suddenly a figure in my eyes. I was the original Baidu hair site and recycling. The 42, although less pitiful, but for me is already a great joy. After all, Baidu is my this site into the sandbox for 4 and a half months, this time can be put out. Of course I’m happy.

in December 15th last year, the server problem to do the system, to do security configuration. It took two days to spend it! The site can not be accessed, which may affect the collection of Baidu. After the server is good, I site own site. Found no change, then the heart is very happy. Not affected. But no two days, take site again, I found that the site is only the remaining more than 2 thousand and 400. More than 6 thousand pages at a time. At that time, the mood is really bad, do not want to do anything. But can not stop ah, I still add content as usual. But still no movement. Another week passed. Site again, found only the home page. Baidu pull hair, hair pulled more than 8000 had only one root, miserable! Pain! Almost two days I did not talk to others. Think about it, don’t do it. Do a stand and be pulled hair, still have to open the face of Baidu. But he worked hard to add content, find their own need for the novice, do not want to throw, or continue to do it, during this period I continue to add content. Baidu is still not forthcoming, my site is still not put out, during which I find a lot of information, have also consulted others It doesn’t help the situation., some say, to change the domain name to had come, I changed my name, initially included, then gradually decreased. Some say continue to do it, Baidu will give you out. Persistence is victory, it seems that I insist on more than 4 months. Baidu re opened in May, a re opened.

in this long four months, I also wrote a few articles, sent to a few well-known site. Maybe that’s why. My friend is a site Baidu closed for a year before. Baidu really is subject to changing moods. Recommend several sites in this. You can go and see. Adsense nets, Adsense stand, behind, as well as 51la, I made a few articles in these sites.

was pulled out of the webmaster Baidu, we must stick to, adhere to the victory

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