P2P platform encounter hackers hijacked expose technical weakness

P2P (Peer To Peer) platform well, their attention is not only investors, there is a group of mysterious hacker. Network hackers by attacking the P2P site caused by the collapse of the platform and then ask for money, many P2P platform for fear of attacks resulting in loss of business and spend money, even a P2P platform for hackers to collapse. Why P2P platform has become a hacker Qian Shu and why the P2P platform so vulnerable to attack?

P2P platform for hackers to collapse

P2P net loan platform from the beginning of last year to enter the market in large scale, while the rapid development, the collapse of foot, a series of threats to investors and other information security. A large wave of hackers eyeing this piece of fat P2P platform, but also want to take the opportunity to divide and eat. Shenzhen P2P platform Gimhae loan before the announcement that since suffered hacker attacks, the site can not be normal operations. While there are many P2P platform suffered a similar attack.

in July 7th, launched a new online announcement of broadband occupancy suffered hacker attacks. The announcement said, 7 at noon, the new joint online customer information received hacker extortion, then the site appears instability. At the same time, the announcement said the hacker attack just to take the lead in broadband system platform temporarily paralyzed, and will not cause any leakage of information and loss of property investors.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that almost all P2P platforms have suffered hacker attacks, but not a lot of attacks and exposure. "We have suffered a hacker attack almost every day, but it is not compromised." A person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the P2P platform in Beijing.

previously, peer-to-peer lending loan pat, pterosaurs loans, favorable net, net loan home and many other P2P related companies are being hacked. Reporters found that the time of attack is to obtain financing or general good news leaked after the P2P platform, such as peer-to-peer lending at the beginning of the year has just released the $130 million investment in less than two hours on the release of its administrative micro-blog hacked notices.

In addition to this, there are a lot of platform focused black, the end of last year, Guangdong, a number of P2P platform site focused on black

. According to public information, as of the end of 2013, there are 70 P2P platform suffered hacker attacks and closed. But many industry insiders, these "cannot withstand a single blow" P2P platform but there is great risk vulnerabilities and technical short board.

P2P platform edge into fat

Internet financial sites many, why recently intensive P2P platform favored by hackers? Cheetah mobile security expert Li Tiejun believes that the P2P platform from the beginning of last year, crazy, as the year’s hot group purchase website, electronic business platform, and P2P platform to do is the investment banking business, "mercenary" hackers will not miss the opportunity to make money.


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