Sun Deliang Grassroots philosophy behind the network of high priced stocks

Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang, founder of a successful China network first unit concept, a sitting on two billion of the market value of the Chinese new Regal, a famous Internet media "myth" entrepreneurial hero "". These dazzling colors of the title and aura wrapped out what kind of IT elite, or reflect a faction alternative grassroots philosophy?

sits in its slightly shabby office, holding a thick porcelain cup, sun de conscience calmly and his interpretation of "the legend of the network". At this time, his desk sat a pair of loafers, next to a few boxes piled up at random by parcel.

host of this office, and it also has the temperament of chastity. Dark clean face, with a gentle smile, lean body cannot open a mast itself is not clothes. Ten years of entrepreneurial career did not leave traces of the years in his face, sometimes slightly shy smile is more like a boy next door.

however, this had only worked for 5 years, there is no background of the background of college graduates, but to create a current market value of more than 4 billion 300 million of China’s capital market, the first high priced shares.

worship Lu Guanqiu

was born in Zhejiang Xiaoshan rural Sun Deliang, childhood favorite radio tells the farmer entrepreneur Lu Guanqiu story.

"only junior high school culture of Lu Guanqiu to show the world a farmer’s legend, witnessed the universal group from a small factory into the largest private enterprises in the whole process." Grew up listening to his story, Lu Guanqiu led the universal adhere to the self development of entrepreneurial legend in the hearts of the sun in the root.

, like other farm children, had the most practical idea is to get rich." The founder of the chemical network was also unemployed Sun Deliang "out of poverty" urgent desire.

October 16, 1997, Sun Deliang went to Hangzhou Wulin Square to participate in a clothing fair. A sudden heavy rain, the exhibitors and the audience have been watered down.

working point depressed Sun Deliang to a nearby chemical company old classmates shelter, but accidentally discovered its chemical network business.

decided to set up a chemical network that is 4 hours, basically equal to shoot the head to determine."

when Beijing network company CEO who did not feel bad "burn" the easy access of the venture capital, Sun Deliang insisted that his low cost expansion of the road, the first office in the broken cottage, can not afford to buy a server, with the price of $19 per month, the rent in the United States 10 megabytes of virtual host.

however, when several of the most famous domestic portal is still just three, harvest $four hundred thousand annual profit of dance for joy Sun Deliang’s business, Chinese Chemical Network in the first two years there have been tens of millions of dollars of money.

if a heavy rain poured out of China >