Adsense network broadcast the United States mission to kill hundreds of thousands of nternet financ

1.O2O is not closing 5 months of on-line trading volume breaking 100 million, but only lived for 14 months  

quickly collapsed from the line to close only 14 months

, who has been in office without closing the staff told reporters, due to poor management, without closing the company ceased operations in the last month, still owed approximately 150 employees daily salary. And at this point from its December 24, 2013 formally launched, only a year and two months. In March 25th the reporter login not closing official website, website has not been updated for a long time, the main promotional activities still remain in the National Day travel products recommended. Reporters then call the company’s customer service telephone: 96567 and 5255716, suggesting that as busy and empty.

2 U.S. mission to kill hundreds of billions of dollars to shoot the Internet banking, enough low-key but enough lethal  

before the wind and rain, there are signs.

in the air of impetuous summer, every detail decides to tide: the prime minister took a sip of coffee to replace the 3W, Alibaba, Jingdong marshal, opened a real tea shop, public comment after the U.S. group, the 58 city after stumbling into home service war O2O. In a public electricity supplier to follow the trend and eager for a fight, the U.S. group and released the big move, the insiders said that the United States has set up the Financial Development Department refused to disclose other details.

beauty group into the Internet banking? At the beginning of the news, surprising, after all, started the group purchase and beauty group, look from financial some distant, but considering this is a deal last year amounted to 46 billion, turnover this year will break billion internet tyrannical, everything seemed so logical.

3.360 enabled the introduction of the Internet domain name fraud reporting platform hunting network  

news May 13th, yesterday, Beijing city public security network security corps joint 360 Internet Security Center jointly launched the first domestic Internet fraud reporting platform "nets", the platform has enabled 360 domain two line.

According to

, "nets" is the 360 Center for Internet Security and network security in the Beijing municipal public security corps jointly launched "Beijing network safety fraud alliance", another important measure for network fraud launched, the public can through the platform of Internet fraud report.

4 Jingdong Foxconn, Taobao was the abuse of "Fortress Besieged": bigwigs and buddy are how to break?  

the end of last month, Shenzhen Foxconn International Holdings Group issued a statement accusing a Jingdong for breach of contract, suffered a loss of 550 million yuan to foxconn. Subsequently, Yizhisuzhuangjiang Jingdong to court. This pair of cooperation has been happy to break the market partners. Looking back over the years, the big brother and small partners together, the story of those once tacit understanding of cooperation