Network false news production three national media

from personal rumors to team production, from commercial websites to national media, from showing off self to economic benefits –

7 month 25, a let thousands of users anxiously waiting for suspense with results. As the investigation notice Jiangxi Poyang County Public Security Bureau announced through the Internet, "the history of the virus, the stepmother" within a week of rapid warming, and then quickly revealed the secret of false news, eventually settled.

Chen Caishi did not abuse clove Xiaohui, while the real situation of the disease was also Xiaohui hospital to identify.

from the beginning of the pin for villa miracle "to the recent" North girls nude storm ", then to" the history of the most poisonous stepmother "incident, Chinese Internet again in 2007 because of the network of false news and shame. The "behind the scenes" frequent appearances let people see the hidden behind the deep chain of false news.

False news on Internet

into the horizon from 2000, with the development of the Internet, making the link from personal rumors evolved into the production team, communication links from the commercial websites to blogs, forums, and other national mobile phone media, communication from the ego to the pursuit of economic interests, in the form and nature has demonstrated different changes.

– "the history of the most poisonous stepmother" outbreak

storm once again originated from the Internet post.

2007 in July 17th, a netizen named vera_19851118, in the local Poyang online website posted a message, this is the post called "the inhumanity of the things I have ever seen! The 6 year old daughter beaten stepmother!" With the story of a girl named clove Xiaohui was beaten stepmother abused.

just a week after the search, the name of Chen Caishi frequently exposed in the network and traditional media, with the attendant is the part of the user to give her a top heavy buckle "hat", "the history of the most poisonous stepmother", accused her stepdaughter Ding Xiangxiao Hui for atrocities.

however, when reporters from all over the country focused on the Poyang county to carry out follow-up reports, the network and the emergence of another dramatic post.

7 21, a self proclaimed "the insider" posts, the anonymous author said: "in fact, 6 year old girl was not beaten stepmother, because the girl is sick family difficulties to afford medical treatment, was introduced to my friend, my friend said you want to pass the network hype to achieve the effect, but a single speculation girl ill certainly not up to the effect, only making a series of mysteries, netizens will be concerned about. My friend in a few days to brew a ‘6 year old girl was hit’, this is a white lie."

with the involvement of the police in Poyang, as well as some media and friends of the investigation, the real situation of the incident gradually surfaced. A series of scenes and some of the media blindly rendering, eventually led to the false news events are amplified in the network. >

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