CN domain name into the world domain management model

today from the relevant authoritative department, accompanied by the regulation of the Internet and mobile phone pornographic information governance action in the sustained development of domestic Chinese, China domain CN adverse application proportion is significantly reduced, and caused the international domain name registration and management mechanism of attention and recognition.

international famous domain name Jart Armin said publicly that the observers in his blog, ICANN to CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center), copy a page from the CN domain name management manual measures, requirements of false registration information of the domain name holder must be corrected within 30 days, otherwise cancel.

world "the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN)" the survey shows that the domain name holder of domain name registration information is true and accurate importance, and that provide the true identity information may lead to disclosure of personal privacy, are the two main causes for the low rate of real name domain name registration information.

in March this year, the international security software maker Symantec released "global spam and phishing sites monthly statistical report" shows that the proportion of poor application CN domain name from December 2009 15% to January 2010 5%, decline significantly, while the proportion of poor application COM outside of the domain name had increased sharply, an adverse application of COM domain growth 9.5%, reached 68.6%.

figures from China show that since December last year, the implementation of bad domain name application management has achieved good results. In China anti phishing alliance has just released the data, there are many outbreaks in previous years fishing website in February, and the number of stop alliances identified phishing sites but dropped, only 574, 1866 phishing sites compared to December 2009, a decline of up to 70%.

Chinese and foreign people are of the view that the domain name system management has become a global domain name registration and management agencies of the consensus, and adhere to the fight against bad domain application, to purify the domain name application environment is the global domain name management direction. CN domain name continued and in-depth domain specific governance initiatives, not only purify the Chinese domain name application environment, but also provides a useful reference for the world domain name management.

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