You’ve never seen a Liu Qiangdong like this do a long life for her mother to build a house for emplo

facts have proved that Liu Qiangdong and this is a strong CP headlines physique. With the broadcast of an interview with CCTV finance program, the network has a Liu Qiangdong talk about tea sister, the topic was on top of the popular. From exposure to marriage and love, the couple frequently become hot spots.

in Liu Qiangdong talk about the spread of tea sister network news, TechWeb found yesterday night broadcast for up to 26 minutes of the interview video, in fact, did not talk about the contents of tea sister Liu Qiangdong. About half an hour of time, there is only the tea sister shot to three seconds. Throughout the program, Liu Qiangdong referred to his parents, Jingdong distribution staff and their entrepreneurial heart.

mother birthday do longevity noodles

September 25, 2016, accepted the interview with CCTV financial day, just 66 years old mother Liu Qiangdong birthday. Liu Qiangdong returned to his hometown in Suqian, with more than 20 of their loved ones to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

Liu Qiangdong’s home in Suqian for the first time appeared in public view, the White House is very beautiful in the shade trees, he looks to the house is also very satisfied, in an interview with the initiative to ask reporters "are very beautiful."


previously, according to people around Liu Qiangdong said, perhaps because of entrepreneurial experience in the restaurant opened, Liu Qiangdong likes to cook. When back home, he will invite high school students to do big dinner. After the successful listing of the United States, Liu Qiangdong also personally cook to do western executives. He is a favorite dish called Chicken pickled tofu Home Dishes jiangsu.

love to cook Liu Qiangdong did not show cooking in the day, just a simple fried Oupian, his mother cooked a bowl of noodles.



he gave his mother’s birthday gift is also very real, it should be gold jewelry category. However, estimation of gifts and not by him personally prepared, because to get a gift, he frowned, "how so small?"

side is eating a long face mother is very satisfied, said, is not small."


followed by Liu Qiangdong strength Tucao his mother, my mother likes gold." And he laughed.


Liu Qiangdong mother’s 66 birthday, tea sister in the United States with his son. Lunch time, Zhang Zetian took his son with Liu Qiangdong video, I wish grandma a happy birthday.

, according to Liu Qiangdong, his relatives are almost all working in Jingdong. Most of them are security guards

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