Kijiji please stop copying zhaochafa information

      I am zhaochafa information network ( Master Guo sister, zhaochafa as a foothold in Hohhot local classified information site, has been advocating to win the reputation of the original classification information, even in the network media copyright awareness is not very sound early, zhaochafa also insist on we show the original information published on the website, each piece of information is the original information through the audit staff, there are a lot of information is through the telephone from zhaochafa staff manual finishing after the release of the original information, find the check hair so that the majority of users in Hohhot city are practical and friendly. So zhaochafa in just two years has been in the local original information with nearly 300 daily strips have won a good reputation and user feedback.

      my husband frog, is a food stamp collectors. In the last week (August 14, 2007), he issued a purchase in cities in Inner Mongolia were in zhaochafa website, arguably this kind of information should not be like housing rental information such as other popular general website notice and plagiarism. The results prove that I was wrong.

      yesterday accidentally from the GG search on the frog message topic — buy food stamps in cities in Inner Mongolia. The results from the results stunned me:

      search site is as follows:
      sourceid=navclient& Hl=zh-CN& ie=UTF-8& rlz=1T4XNLA_zh-CNCN216CN216& q=%e6%b1%82%e8%b4%ad%e5%86%85%e8%92%99%e5%8f%a4%e5%90%84% e7%9b%9f%e5%b8%82%e7%b2%ae%e7%a5%a8
      yes, even food stamps are so obscure information for plagiarism website is the senior level of classified information website Kijiji – a company has a good reputation and overseas the relationship between the.
      if the subject is likely to be the same, then we might as well open the two information to see the final page.
to find information on the final page check issued: N=167052

      Kijiji >

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