Adsense network broadcast that Google will not come back Ctrip Ctrip Travel war

1 "that Google" will not come back  

"is SONY bankrupt today?". "Did Google come back today?".

but you are this picture scare


rumors more and more cheap, a very rough and shoddy fake Google return to China press conference invitation to let a lot of people scared urine:

first, logo is an old version of the Google in early September on the new logo;

second, the Google Chinese Google official from 2011 has been abandoned;

again, "return to China" in the official context of the Google never existed, the standard argument is "Google never left China, but the server moved out";

also, President of China Jony is a ghost?

2 inventory from the media: the community has become the media from the 3 line

carnival for three years from the media in China, is an attractive value line.

this is the community. For example, the knowledge community Luo Zhenyu, reading community, such as Wu Xiaobo. I started this year, re innovation – the entrance will be the goal of polymerization is also the transformation of traditional corporate community. In a sense, the ability to quickly upgrade from the charm of the personality of the community, decided to move from the media age of the Internet story can go far.

the beginning of the year as usual is to inventory, inventory, review the past, pointing to the future. Over the past three years, I have done every year at the end of the ten inventory, covering electricity providers, social networking, search, content, online games, O2O, online video, online travel, intelligent hardware, PC and other major areas of Internet IT. The depth of the manuscript released in nearly 30 mainstream platforms, reproduced a lot, accumulated a little influence, which is my motivation.

3.12306 graphical verification code "cry cry" cattle also around halo passengers  

this time of year, the train ticket is always the focus of social concern, this year is no exception, but there are accidents happen. "Accident" is the verification code of railway ticketing website. In order to prevent being cracked, 12306 sites on the graphics verification code has been upgraded, the probability of a one-time fill is very low, although the convergence of cattle behavior, but also let a lot of visitors to the screen dry

cattle brush votes success rate decreased by

12306 starting point is very simple, I hope to enhance the safety of the ticket while fighting against cattle and grab votes software. At present, the implementation of graphical verification code to a certain extent, to crack down on scalpers grab votes behavior. In a train ticket purchasing group in exchange, every few minutes, the administrator will publish a variety of purchasing needs, the purchasing price of seats at a glance, hard seat 7>

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