Light strike 173shaiya PW was completely destroyed

Guangzhou optisp Co. Ltd. is a company engaged in Internet network game operation service company, operation "shaiya" ("Shaiya"), "the legend of 3G", "digital treasure", "EVE" and a variety of online games, the majority of game player favorite.

in the first half of this year, light is found the illegal production of "51Shaiya", "173Shaiya" and "shaiya" servers, seek illegal profits. This behavior has seriously violated the luminous flux, the original copyright holders and the legitimate rights and interests of the normal game player. Discover the optical behavior and the report to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Xuhui branch. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Xuhui attaches great importance to this case, after a preliminary investigation, the crime of copyright infringement case and set up a task force in a team of officers of the principal branch. In the detection process, the police will cooperate closely, using high-tech means, careful investigation, locked the suspect Chen, Yang et al location. And in one fell swoop recently traveled to Wuxi, Hangzhou and other 5 suspects, seized criminal tools and a large number of illegal income. At present, the procuratorate has arrested the suspect case and entered the stage of review and prosecution.

pile has been exposed in addition to several illegal cases set up private servers were destroyed, light actively cooperate with the government and law enforcement departments, is more than PW, plug-in cases of investigation and evidence collection, the time is ripe to take immediate action to catch the strong shock move in the network game Sifu market at the same time, further show that the national law enforcement agencies to regulate cultural market to combat illegal infringement, determination, huge social effect produced will have a positive effect on suppressing the arrogance of pw. With similar flux such legal operators to actively cooperate with relevant government departments to continue to strengthen the fight against it, external efforts to standardize network game market order will be further improved, the network culture industry will have a more healthy, rapid and efficient development road.

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