End of the year inventory 2011 grassroots webmaster ten news

just after Christmas in 2011, we are about to usher in the new year in 2012. Over the past year, the Internet is not a battlefield of smoke and a lot of things. Although there is no grassroots webmaster circle of 09 and 10 years, with vigour and vitality photos filing CN domain name, network regulation and other events, but the development of e-commerce, social networking and mobile Internet, the Internet has entered the transition period, the emerging Internet site challenges traditional markets, the traditional site facing new mode of impact is in transition, and illegal websites because of destruction of piracy against strengthen entrepreneurial environment changes to grassroots webmaster is experiencing a hitherto unknown challenge, stationmaster net summary 2011 grassroots webmaster ten hot news, and grassroots webmaster of common development trend of the new year.

, a big strike against piracy several novel webmaster jailed for

novel 520 detainees detained

card eight

2011 grand continue to force the network literature, not only the cloud Bookstore announced three operators access, launched the "shop", its major literary website launched a mobile client, enter the mobile internet. At the same time, Shanda also increased in 2011 on the piracy crackdown, a number of suspected illegal infringement fiction website punished webmaster were jailed.

520 novel network copyright infringement case. The site without the permission of the right holder to provide a large number of works of text and seek illegal interests, involving more than 500 yuan. December 12, 2011, 520 novel network owner Jin Junjie was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of four years for the crime of copyright infringement, and fined $3 million. Involved in the novel 520 website operators Wang Hui and other defendants were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from one to four years, and was sentenced to a fine of $7. In June, Chinese net acquisition and Wansong copy of the "starting point Chinese net" of literary works, the main responsibility of the person accused of infringing version, was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 150 thousand yuan, respectively. A large literature website piracy "I love literature" in the rights of people without permission, illegal copying of Shanda literature starting point Chinese network "X -" dragon age, "Diablo" destroyed a total of 500 works. Piracy operators were sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined $100 thousand. In December 21st, the famous pirate sites "by a Long Yan" webmaster copy reprint starting point Chinese network 543 novels, and obtain huge profits through the ads, to the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, and fined 50 thousand yuan, the illegal income shall be confiscated.

The destruction of

520 novel network, network, network literature Chinese Wansong love, leisurely by which several novel website is undoubtedly the lesson of blood, according to incomplete statistics, China has more than 530 thousand years of literary website piracy, profit totaled 5 billion yuan, black industry chain has been formed, causing serious damage to the interests of Internet copyright. 2012>

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