Encyclopedia station system HDwiki 4 1 latest features

January 28th, the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia site – Interactive Encyclopedia, released a new encyclopedia of the official website of the official version of the system HDwiki4.1. The new version of the main features include:

• integral gold and other incentive system

– photo Wikipedia

• open classification: now an entry can belong to multiple categories

• gift store function

version evaluation function

• prevention of acquisition function

– "spirit" interactive master template, a new user interface experience

Overview of

HDwiki4.1 function

HDwiki is the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia for the development of Chinese users, completely free open source encyclopedia station system. Using HDwiki, anyone can easily build a wiki wiki, but the biggest advantage is that the search engine friendly, increase the website is search engine included in the process, so as to bring more traffic to the site.

HDwiki4.1 official version features are as follows:

1, integral gold and other incentive system:

this is a bit like Q coins, QQ users can use Q coins to buy various items, thus greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of users. But the difference is that users only need to contribute a certain amount of content can get the corresponding points or coins.

2, image Wikipedia function:

through a simple set, we can browse the entries in the latest upload pictures, or the highest amount of pictures, and the 4.0.5 version of the comparison, greatly enriched the Wikipedia website home page.

3, open classification function:


is a very complex structure of the knowledge system, the past version is simply a branch of a tree classification, can not accurately describe the relationship between entries. The latest version of the 4.1 version allows any entry in a number of categories, such as: Jackie Chan, both can belong to the actor can also belong to the singer, but also can be divided into chinese".

4, gift shop function:

this function is a bit similar to e-commerce, website users if you edit a valuable entry, you can get the corresponding gold or bonus points. Users can use gold coins in the gift shop to buy their favorite gift.

5, version evaluation function:

The station of

website users to edit entries for examination and evaluation. The station in accordance with the entry criteria, the legitimacy of the entry judgment, at the same time to give the corresponding punishment, ensure the correctness and integrity of the contents of the entry.

6, anti acquisition function: < >

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