T manager world confused cut off the market is full of variables and risks

after shaike, flash and shoot off, sharing location based services (LBS) and the "cut off (from Check in) family is quietly rise in the country. In the United States normalized Foursquare website boom driven, including Shanda’s play network, many domestic Internet companies are testing the business model to get together. Earlier this year, handle network, foursquare and street and other LBS companies set off a "cut off" heat. In the recently convened a grand China first cut off the general assembly and the National Conference on the application of the LBS forum, play a high-profile appearance of the network, indicating that the grand desire to share a cup of eager mood. Tencent, Sina, NetEase and other portal products are quietly developing. China Mobile is also in the layout of LBS, Liaoning mobile is determined to enter the important base for China Mobile LBS. Although the surface of a lively scene, but in fact for most participants, LBS is still a variable and risky market.

for the time being, the entire industry is still in its infancy, clear business model remains to be formed. Although the company involved in the view that LBS’s business model is very clear, this will be a proactive approach to the user’s participation in the community, while providing businesses with a highly focused marketing people. However, LBS service providers will have two party cohesion strength, ability to stone as the point is still youdaishiri.

this emerging industry chain will involve users, LBS service providers and merchants three parties. For Check in, many users tend to go through a period of three months after the excitement of the quiet period. "I don’t know what other people think, but Check in is not fun for me." Li Feng, vice president of IDG capital claims. In the past three months, he has been concerned about a company, the amount of users and user activity is not high, he lamented (LBS application market) bright future, hard road".

LBS link development and emerging LBS service providers

in fact, most LBS service providers for the "Check in" behind the business model is not very clear. All LBS entrepreneurs have been aware of, let others know their position in this matter is not very interesting, at present they explore the development of the pattern mainly has several kinds of virtual medals, universally imitated Lord of Foursquare and integrating virtual rewards; a kind of social network as the representative of the Bedouin the network services based on geographic information; the other is like lashou in advocating the "G+F" model, through the Groupon contract merchants coupons to stimulate users of LBS services; one is to play, look forward to the tourism market as a starting point. However, all of the LBS service providers are moving toward the goal of providing more and more extensive services to businesses.

look at these models, together with businesses to launch marketing services should be the development of LBS business model >

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