The value of the data generated annual Alipay credit data on the bill the value behind


2013 annual, annual spend the most pull the sign is Virgo, and best of the year "economic man" is the most prodigal is Aquarius, Scorpio girl. Balance treasure user average age of 28 years old, the largest number of users aged 23, reaching up to 2 million 50 thousand people. Shanghai, the financial center of the balance of treasure per capita amount of the largest number of users, but the number of users of the title was won in Jiangsu…… You can not see micro-blog recently in various friends in micro-blog on the net worth of nouveau riche blew, "Sun bill" and "dazzling wealth", shouting and hand chop partners, joyfully shook his mobile phone, PK wealth. All this phenomenon, Alipay’s annual statement to the.

in the first Alipay wallet on the line is 8 mobile phone bills, it statistics the user’s annual expenditure amount, shopping, transfers, payment repayment ratio, Alipay wallet payment amount, the annual total expenditure comparison, Yu Ebao cumulative revenue, and you the location of the consumer rankings, PC version of the bill will be more entertainment opened in January 16th 0. Alipay micro-blog said that as of January 13th at 17:30 PM, 1 million 260 thousand people have participated in the activities of the PK roll bill.

Alipay PR staff said that the reason for this is because Alipay like Taobao like lively, they hope to end in such a way, let us feel the fun of alipay. But the deeper reason behind this is that Ali small and micro financial services group, which is considered to be Ma Yun Alibaba strategic focus of the next ten years the company tried in a routine way of entertainment, to tell the public Internet financial data based on the value of.

past, the discussion around the Internet banking, has been focused on transaction efficiency, cost and the Internet model. However, the essence of the financial data, the Internet is changing the cost and efficiency. Each individual is a node on the Internet, the behavior of the individual on the Internet platform is data, the relationship between individuals is the credit data. Data plus user needs, it is the embryonic form of financial products.

with ALI small micro payment service platform data senior director Feng Chunpei said: "small micro gold clothing to use Alipay user network, for the construction of personal credit system and risk management system, plays a fundamental role in supporting. Such as the combination of consumption and personal data to determine the economic strength, such as small GPS positioning users live, how to evaluate their live house; users buy auto parts are, to judge whether there is a car; user input in education and nursing aspects, determine whether there are children."

basically a room with a car, a complete family, usually shopping behavior is also good social groups, it is easy to assess the credit situation. The difficulty of small and micro gold service is to find the risk from where, how to control risk".

currently, small and micro gold clothing has begun to operate according to the business of running water, industry environment and traffic data, do business oriented credit. And personal credit, will be small and micro gold Service >

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