The new filing system on the line today many shortcomings need to be improved

today is June 20, 2010, the first thing to do is to access the new filing system:

because the MIIT announcement said: "since June 20th, the new site for the record of the site sponsor, through the new system ( for the site for the record business".


original filing system ( notice notice

hard to look forward to six months, the new filing system formally launched today, began to accept the filing business. A rare Sunday, the Ministry staff are still working overtime, I really admire the dedication, and awe! You worth the webmaster to follow suit



try to access the new filing system, but was poured cold water: No backend available servers, the new filing system is still not normal use, the Department’s efficiency is not flattering!


Baidu snapshot ( found that in June 10th, or before the old version of the filing system page. From Baidu snapshot to find a link, through this link can also access and register it:


account registration process in the use of the statement, or before the old version of the filing system, the new system should be canceled.


ICP information flow chart is also recorded before, just changed a domain name, change the soup, it seems that the new filing system has not yet completed. The page URL:


refresh for a long time, will show a general appearance: first in the eyes, by PS’s national emblem ("feedback" is more serious)! The Ministry should not professional artists. And then view the page source code, actually still use Tab>

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