Kingsoft game operators turnover case into the external diameter reversal puzzle

speed transit network on August 24th in the afternoon news recently speed transit network exclusive, Jinshan game operators and staff turnover broke out, the point is, this is explosive news but for internal staff in Jinshan game. It is reported that the Jinshan game in Beijing, a total of more than 20 operators, including 5 operations manager, director of operations of the 1. Jinshan is under the operation of all online games are responsible for the more than and 20.

this report immediately attracted a lot of attention to the Internet industry media. According to incomplete statistics, Sina games,,, 21CN, TechWeb, eNet China entrepreneur, Silicon Valley power, 766 games, Chinese, commercial telecommunications network, the Pacific Games network, Zhongguancun online, South network, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center, Pacific Games network, long nets dozens of media participation a follow-up report.

below is part of the media coverage:


According to the

, however, the source said, there are indeed part of the Jinshan game operators running away, leaving the staff are non Tencent staff. It is reported that Jinshan game operators currently more than 20 people.

Jinshan internal staff, said Wu Yimin after entering the Jinshan, a large number of employees recruited into the former Tencent. After this year, Kingsoft game market department, operation Department’s hiring employees, "Tencent" employees have to occupy half of the country, including Jinshan game director Wu Bolin, Jinshan game market manager.

                                                        TechWeb "from above – Jinshan rely on" Tencent ":" internal operation caused by employee dissatisfaction with



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