Yesky first joined the Zhongguancun independent innovation brand alliance

May 8th afternoon, Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park new website and the Zhongguancun independent innovation brand building alliance activities held in Beijing, the conference to "enhance the core area of science and technology service vigorously promote independent innovation demonstration area construction".


Haidian District People’s Government of Haidian District, deputy mayor Yang Zhiqiang, assistant mayor of Haidian District people’s government, deputy director of the Haidian zone of Zhongguancun Science Park and Haidian Fu Shouqing park business offices of leadership to the event. In the event of Tianji media’s Yesky won the alliance member units, group vice president, Ms. Wang Haijing visited the scene, she said, "as the first member of Yesky joined the Zhongguancun independent innovation brand alliance, to join the celestial media (TMG) itself is a kind of trust and mission play. Adhering to the "focus, communication and leading media" concept, relying on a strong resource advantage, Yesky and the alliance member units to work together for the construction of economic development, and jointly promote the brand construction of Zhongguancun, to contribute to building blocks."


Zhongguancun independent innovation brand alliance is responsible for the Haidian Park Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun science and Technology Park, propaganda by tianjiwang,,,,, Zhongguancun online, the Pacific computer network and top network etc. Park well-known Internet media and the Beijing sea in the era of digital technology development initiated the establishment of Limited by Share Ltd. The establishment of independent innovation brand publicity Haidian Park alliance, a symbol of Haidian Park Service for enterprises increased a new level, to build the core brand of Zhongguancun enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, development strategy to serve the construction of service-oriented government and the realization of the overall goal and make Haidian Park, is of great significance to

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