Biography Sichuan forum for the resumption of the special website will not be closed

station network ( February 1st news: today Chongqing Internet veteran, Sina micro-blog certified user @ Luo Yu said today a large number of BBS was suddenly shut down in micro-blog broke the news, said hosting server site in the territory of Sichuan is the hardest hit, his life in Chongqing in the website. Close reason is not pre BBS operating license. Luo Yu said: "it is not clear what the Sichuan event, to put all the BBS off? Do not know other parts of Chinese have no problem? The sudden tightening of the network, is part of the new deal?" webmaster network editor to understand current Chongqing life network (http://s. has been unable to open. However, there is no other forum received because there is no special record was closed news, visit several well-known forum in Sichuan can also be normal access.

Luo Yu micro-blog screenshot

had IT teahouse in the webmaster network broke the news Sichuan restart forum special filing, not handled by the end of the station. In July last year, a large number of owners to receive the notification requirements of the IDC forum for special filing, deadline for the year of December 31, 2012, the deadline has not been a special website for the record will be closed. Chengdu is famous for hosting providers Western Digital users on the official website announcement also issued "notice on special record to start electronic bulletin business website, notice clearly pointed out that all carry out electronic announcement information site in Sichuan (mainly on the altar) must be the provincial Internet information office and Communication Management Bureau a special forum for the record. Ensure to complete the relevant special formalities before December 31, 2012, overdue, the site will be closed. I do not know whether the forum was closed in Sichuan has a direct relationship with the previous rumors.

in July 9, 2010, the State Council promulgated the "State Council on the fifth installment of cancellation and decentralized management level of administrative examination and approval decision" by the central government in the Internet, 113 items of administrative examination and approval by the State Council to cancel, the seventh is the "Internet electronic bulletin service special project approval (for the record)". It is difficult for individuals to get BBS special filing, first of all, the site needs to apply for ICP website business license, apply for the certificate on the need to operate the company’s formal website, and the registered capital of 1 million. Once the special record once again enabled for the management of the forum website is undoubtedly a huge personal webmaster.

what is the forum special filing:

According to the provisions of the "

Internet electronic bulletin service management" (Ministry of information industry No. 3) regulations, engaged in Internet information services, to carry out electronic bulletin service, shall be in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government or the telecommunications administrative authorities of the Ministry of information industry for profitable Internet information service license or the handling of non operational Internet information services for the record, make a special application or special for the record. Without special approval or special filing procedures, any unit or

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