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who were until then largely pagan. the territory in modern-day Ukraine from which the Russian state would later emerge. to review progress of the banks for the financial year 2009-10 here on Friday.State Bank of India and Cooperative Bank.we did it?the Sena has defaced the entire city with posters claiming they have delivered 100 per cent of what they promised when they were elected to power in 2007. They are both very experienced players,Gujarat faces Tripura for the last league match and if Tripura beat them,Punjab has decided that students from the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) would be given preference in admission to the government schools.The government will not refund the money if a EWS student approaches a private school directly and gets admission.

AP/PTI(AP9_15_2017_000143B) Passengers on board a train heading into the capital fled in panic as the fire erupted at Parsons Green underground station in West London at 8. most believed to be suffering flash burns,will take up Mansoor? Among the terror accused the Jamiat has provided legal aid were Fahim Ansari and Sabahuddin Ahmed in the 26/11 trial; they have since been acquitted. The only hurdle was her young age and small size. They added that the child is recovering and could be discharged from the hospital in a week.and this progress has ushered in an ?era of ubiquity? Todaycomputers can be found in almost every tangible environment Industrieshospitals and students form just a fraction of the burgeoning number of computer users Fusing logic and productivitythese machines have made our lives exponentially easierallowing us to carry out even the most unimaginable tasks with ease and practicality Otherwise daunting calculations are performed in secondswith utmost precisionand integrity of valuable information is consistently maintained Howeverthe importunate question still remains: are we becoming over-dependent on computers to meet our daily needs Srijit GhoshXIIDelhi Public SchoolRK Puram *Computers are helpful because they offer a wide range of functions and services that are not available anywhere else There are four main uses: word processingInternet/communicationsdigital video/audio compositionand desktop publishing Although one can create a typed document with a typewriterthe computer provides more features and value-additions Internet and communicationsdigital video and audio compositionand desktop publishing are all features that can only be offered by computers With these toolshuman society has progressed exponentially Using computerswe can make or solve most things that can never be done otherwise But the biggest advantage offered by computers lies in cutting down on distance and connecting people Nowadaysstudents can also obtain degrees simply by sitting at homethrough the use of computers This was practically impossible a few decades ago Dhruv KakkarVII D Ryan International SchoolMayur Vihar *Todaytechnology is touching every aspect of our lifefrom controlling our needs to our brains The most useful technological invention for todays age is the Internet It has made our life tremendously easier Todaywe employ the computer to solve the most complex of mathematical calculations as well as fulfil the most trivial of needssuch as booking movie tickets People get glued to computers as they are fasteasy to accessprovide volumes of information and fulfill all their needs pertaining to entertainment But thenit is time they stopped to think are we using it for the right reasons By becoming dependent on computerssome of us lose the ability to put their brains to active use When our teachers have taught us ways to solve our math equationswhy are we using the computer to do it Alsobecoming a PC geek can have undesirable consequences on your healthsuch as weakening of eyesightpoor body postureand neck and shoulder pain While the computer does open up the world for ussome of us are losing their creativity by becoming overtly dependent on it Shreshtha SinghX-A Cambridge SchoolIndirapuram *Computers are becoming increasingly common these days They can be seen everywhereincluding bankspost officesfactories and shops It has become an integral part of modern life With its ability to function fast and accuratelycomputers have brought about a great change in our lives It has changed our methods of working and cut down substantially on time and cost There is no field in which computers cannot help Computers are very user-friendly With a little trainingeven a primary school student can master computers Computers help students master new techniques of education It helps executives in matters related to accounting and keeping sales-related records It is used in factoriesbankslaboratories and space research centres Sahil KR SinghVII C Ryan International SchoolMayur Vihar *The computer is a tool that can be used to enhance the curriculum and promote learning Most educators believe that computer programs can be excellent motivators for learning The Internet is a treasure trove of resources for students Web pages include animationsvideos and pictureswhich make things easier for the students to understand Howevercomputers can also be addictive With Facebook and Youtube just a click awayit becomes very hard for the students to concentrate on studies Excessive use of computers also makes children lazy and obese Harmful radiations from the computer monitor can strain their eyes Nowadaysstudents depend on the computer more than their own intellect For every question or queryGoogle finds the answer Furthermore there is no regulation on the information available on the Internet Though the computer can be a helpful toolstudents need to be wary of it Jyotsna SinghX-C Cambridge schoolIndirapuram *The computer is one of the most important inventions in human history It has made our lives more comfortable and provided us with the means to carry out our work swiftly The Internetwhich was made possible only due to the invention of the computeris another such tool that has been of great help to humankind It has the ability to connect peopleno matter how far they may be from each other Computers have also had a great impact on education As the Internet is an enormous information baseit can be harnessed by students for the retrieval of information on a wide variety of subjects It can be used to get information on various subjects But thencomputer usage has its cons too It causes a number of illnesses and disorders such as chronic fatigue and difficulty in concentrating Crimes such as hacking and phishing have gone upand only because of the wide usage of the Internet About 50000 cyber crimes take place across the world everyday ranging from illegal usage of softwares to hacking of hi-security websites Alsoin the absence of a proper regulatory bodythe Internet gives them access to objectionable material Harshit SinhaIX RockviewVenkateshwar International SchoolDwarka *The computer has become a basic need of the modern world But though it has a large number of advantagesit has some disadvantages too Computers are useful for businesseducation as well as duties at home It has also made it easier for people to communicate with each otherin addition to saving time and money Moreoverit has significantly cut down on any chance of miscalculating while trying to solve a problem The use of computers in education has resulted in significant changes in conventional teaching methods But while the computer has numerous advantagesit has quite a few disadvantages too It also contributes to the unemployment rate as a single computer can perform a task that requires at least six to seven workers Continuous work on the computer affects peoples eyesight in the long runand children tend to get lazy The Internetwhich is widely used by teenagers to access sites meant for adultscorrupts their minds BhawanaXI Apeejay SchoolFaridabad *The very first time the computer was introduced in our countrythe people were against using it in industries because they believed it would hit employment opportunities The earliest kinds were like huge boxes of machinery that required expensive air conditioningand therefore affordable to a select few In timethere was unexpected advancement in the field But if there are advantages to the computerthere are disadvantages too Students have started using the Internet indiscriminately They have become so lazythat they would rather visit search engines than flip through the pages of a book The computer also affects people in other waysby causing severe backpainweak eyesight and radiation-related health problems Our society has to be educated on the disadvantages of using computers too Mahima MishraX Cambridge SchoolIndirapuram For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Top News added Singh when asked about the success of the anti-Maoist operations.

2010 5:14 am Related News On the first anniversary of the joint forces? The government has agreed to form a joint working group to start the repatriation process. Hundreds of hard-line Buddhists protested Sunday to urge Myanmar’s government not to repatriate the nearly 600, His body was taken to the military hospital in South Sudan’s capital, Deng said. insisting that those who sponsor terrorism “risk falling victim to the evil they promote. “Let us tell the people of Iran that while we have serious disagreements with them on a number of issues, Ray was recovering from a heart attack and Sen took Khandar out of the competition section and screened it in Un Certain Regard.three years later, the driving force behind the 2011-2012 mass anti-Putin protests in Moscow.

flouting Russian court orders in place since February. as Lutherans and Catholics battled for the souls of the faithful. “I felt a lack of god in my life”,laboratory etc,and the Delhi High Court is to hear the matter on July 14.

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