WeChat group gambling secret commonly used software makers to cheat gambling millions

one day in May at 4 in the morning, Xue Shaobu bloodshot eyes still staring at the phone screen.

makers in the WeChat group shouted "the last disk, continue tomorrow, XueShao bought 1000 yuan small teeth. Has been linked to the 6 big. Buy, the dealer a red 1 yuan XueShao robbed 0.39 yuan, is the amount of a red in the middle, but the number is determined by the amount of red mantissa, 9 means the disc and opened a big.

Xue Shao cursed a sentence. Today he has lost more than 12000 yuan, the bank card only hundreds of yuan.

this is a typical example of WeChat gambling. Play simple and crude, but the outcome is the same as ten bet nine lose or even lose ten.

gambling this ancient line of social activities, through the WeChat platform to move online, due to the large number of users, gambling law simple stimulation, stealth and other characteristics, from the second half of 2015 began to force.

A copy of the data provided by the Tencent

, since 2015, the company is involved with law enforcement agencies to combat gambling cases since 13, involving Zhejiang, Taizhou, Jiangsu City, Yancheng province 5 9 were arrested, network gambling molecules of more than 100 people, involving a total amount of over two hundred million yuan.

some people fall in behind WeChat is inextricably bogged down in, gambling is almost an open secret dealer cheating, the banker will almost always use plug-in software, control the size of red packets by software.

for people involved in gambling, the overall winning is not possible, a dozen participants surging news interview, from thousands to hundreds of thousands of lost have lost, but any no one wins the money. But there are still some people who are involved in it.

WeChat gambling addiction: a state-owned employees lose 600 thousand

half a year ago, a state-owned enterprise employees in Shanghai Xue Shaobei friends pulled into a WeChat group because of gambling, often with their friends and play WeChat to grab a red envelope, usually also love gambling, this group did not cause too much attention to him.

the group’s play with WeChat grab red rules are different, more direct and more violent. Zhuang Jiafa a fight luck red, 1 yuan 3 package, lottery results intermediate amount of red mantissa as lottery results, participants can pay double, size, number, leopard, odds from two times to ten times. For example, 13579 for the small, "56789" for the big, "single", "double", to buy such odds for two times, but also can press a single figure, the odds of 10 times as much as the number of "01234".


group also provides a single 5000 yuan cap, this 3000 yuan cap.

WeChat gambling play one, each bet more than 2000, such an amount in WeChat gambling is not much.

Xue Shaogang is also beginning to play with a cautious attitude, the bet will not be more than 100 yuan.

just like this, there is a win over a win

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