The new regulations of the SARFT let’s watch TV

at the end of last year, "SARFT" outer limit order "landing next year overseas drama in the domestic delayed half" news speculation but strange is raise a Babel of criticism of, but SARFT said the matter heard.

storm in this matter has not been in the past, there have been rumors about the new regulations SARFT, is simply to give up the rhythm of the tv.

from @ Youku entertainment official micro-blog exposure of the new regulations, the "outer limit order" will be officially implemented in April this year, rumors, and future film and television will have a lot of restrictions, in terms of content is as follows:

1, April 2015 from the implementation of the outer limit, overseas TV drama will be delayed half a year broadcast;

2, celebrity actor will not host health programs;

3, 2015, a TV show will be the largest in two TV network;

4, September to the end of October, we must play the theme of patriotism and anti fascist themes;

5, strike extramarital love, one night stand;

6, youth campus can appear puppy love, but not successful;

7, after the founding of the animals are not allowed to practice refined.

in addition to second points praise, the other how do you see?

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