Download the site really do not have a future

      today saw an article on the source of China’s construction site, said it is now basically do not have to download the station to make room for development, because the download station is now basically a number of large sites monopoly. Now do the station will download, is it true?

      in fact, I do not agree with this point of view, if you do download station, we do not imitate the download station to do fine, there will be a way out!

      now the Internet is to fine development, a lot of content is very small, so there are a lot of industry website, before Sina, Sohu and other large portal sites have a recruitment section, but now Zhaopin do recruitment, than the original these doors are fire, look at the search. Before YAHOO search is the most fire, but now GOOGLE, Baidu to grab the market down, the recruitment and search those only the original large site of a column, but was fine after differentiation, but has great development.

      we see large download website now, the content is very comprehensive, as China, in the sky, is indeed very difficult to go beyond, but we can change an idea, we can specialize in one of the column?

      now WEB2.0 blog, so fire, like the previous ASP download the same fire, so have the ASP300 station, specializes in providing ASP download, is it time to make a blog source download site? Or dedicated station source download, download the source station are rubbish in fact, we can not get him to do fine, make friends for you to download the source put it down! Of course, this is just a train of thought.

      a website, content is king, and not the winning number, but to provide an essence of the content, do a download site, not only to collect a lot of software or source code, but the software or source code to do fine, now there is a lot of green software stop it, say so, do not download station and there is no way out, but in the traditional blaze a trail in the download station! Specifically how to do, then you have to look at ourselves!

      to do is download station ready or download station friend, maybe you should also pay attention to, if you stand the huge traffic, of course is good, but if you do it for a long time is still half-dead, really should consider a change in thinking, not to blindly follow the old path. It is really like the article said, Download Station die!

      write a script, hope to understand! (commissioning editor admin01)

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