Operating Chen Kun WeChat account company and unknown business alleged violations

Since WeChat started commercial

, various new ways appear constantly, recently WeChat star Chen Kun launched a public account of membership, spent 18 yuan will be able to pay attention to Chen Kun WeChat public account fans every month to become a member, enjoy a variety of value-added services and privileges. Allegedly, Chen Kun public account of the membership fee to launch only one day, coming on more than 7 million yuan, which makes the entertainment and media industries are exclaimed, WeChat public platform will become the stars of a good business.

star Chen Kun WeChat launched a public account of membership only one day fetched 7 million yuan

Chen Kun WeChat member half charge 100 yuan


in the public account of Chen Kun’s home page, divided into a member discussion area, the power of walking, pictures, news, books, music, voice and personal customization Center eight columns, in the personal center, users can pay to become a member.

charges are divided into four stalls, each month is $50, $18 per quarter, half a year is $100, a year is $168. As a member, the user can read Chen Kun’s book, Chen Kun recorded music appreciation, see Chen Kun’s private photos, participation of members to discuss, push custom voice.

insiders speculated that Chen Kun has about 57000000 fans in Sina micro-blog, WeChat public account number of fans should not be more than one million. Then the 1 million WeChat fans, as long as there are 10% hardcore fans willing to pay into the membership, then the Chen Kun public account every year at least 16 million 800 thousand yuan revenue.

in addition to the various existing privileges, willing to spend money with these idol fans, Chen Kun WeChat public accounts in the future can also sell T-shirts, CD and other derivatives, also to develop a more commercial realization way. In the longer term, the stars through the WeChat public platform can interact directly with the fans, no longer rely on third party brokerage firm. With the new platform, the stars can set up their own studio to maximize revenue.

Tencent said star membership is still trying to operate

for WeChat public platform star launched the membership fee, the Tencent reply to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, currently the star membership also belongs to the trial operation period, gradually open to all willing to try this kind of cooperation model and star enterprise.

Tencent stressed the need to open the star members of the public account fees, must be legal compliance by the company to agency operations. WeChat membership business model only for the enterprise, so the interface is not open to WeChat to pay open to individuals.

it is worth noting that the Tencent said WeChat is providing free services to third party operators not involved into any star "in addition to membership, we also welcome other accounts to create more innovative business models in the WeChat platform."

BYD reporter learned that, in fact Chen Kun is not in membership on the first to eat crab WeChat public account. Last month, WeChat public account "logical thinking"

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