Malicious website million hackers blackmail and impose exactions on greedy captured

uses QQ to contact a company that has been hacked, claiming that the company’s website is an attack on its control, requiring the company to pay 10 thousand yuan to him. Unexpectedly, the company refused, so the name of the person who is proficient in network technology will really use their own technology on the company’s website attacks, resulting in the site can not be normal access.

after bargaining, the company remitted 3000 yuan to the person. Eventually, the police arrested the man.

the master network technology people surnamed Luo, he found there was a hacker attacked a Shenzhen science and Technology Co., the company’s website at a time when the Internet, so the heart of greed, playing their own wishful thinking. Luo found Shenzhen city science and technology limited company customer contact, in June 6 the daily QQ initiative to contact with the company, said on the company’s website attack is his control, require the company to pay 10 thousand yuan to him, otherwise it will continue to attack.

but Luo’s request was rejected by the company. So Luo use their own technology on the company’s Web site to attack, resulting in the company’s website crashed in a short time paralyzed, resulting in a normal visit. Victim’s legal representative Zhang with his personal QQ initiative to get in touch with Luomou, after bargaining, and finally promised to Luomou 3000 yuan. In June 7th, the victim company remit the money to the account designated by the Luo, Luo Mou to stop the attack. The victims of the company after the report, the police through the victim provided QQ chats, Bill vouchers, bank transaction list and other evidence, the ultimate success of the suspect Luomou arrested.

recently, the defendant Luo is Nanshan procuratorate to the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on formally prosecuted.

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